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Chapter 599: Look at the back of the person standing in the front (4)

The other monster was headed to Daeyeon station.

It was coming to meet up with its other half.

After having that thought, Lee Soo Hyuk grabbed Cale’s wrist and pulled the walkie-talkie in Cale’s hand close to him.


His voice sounded urgent.

“Prevent the yellow head from coming here as best as you can!”

Lee Soo Hyuk knew because he had faced off against the blue head.

'We… Won’t be able to do it if the yellow head gets here!’

After going up against the blue head, he could tell how unbelievably strong this monster would be if the blue head and yellow head came together.

Lee Soo Hyuk could hear Choi Han’s urgent voice.

And most importantly…

Lee Soo Hyuk started to frown. He couldn’t understand something.

"What are you talking about? There should be some ability users with speed-related abilities there. I thought we split the people with speed-related abilities equally between each squad.”

They could hear things breaking through the walkie-talkie.

Lee Soo Hyuk felt frustrated after hearing Choi Han hesitate.

It was at that moment.

A cold and calm voice reached Lee Soo Hyuk’s ears.

“I'm sure the foundation is crumbling.”


Lee Soo Hyuk turned toward Cale.

But Cale brushed Lee Soo Hyuk’s hand away and brought the walkie-talkie closer to him again.

“Choi Han, properly report about the situation.”

Choi Han then continued to speak in a much calmer voice.

“The foundation will probably crumble in an instant. You must have used the speed-type ability users to move all of our allies to safe areas.”


Lee Soo Hyuk subconsciously gasped.

He had not even considered that the foundation might be crumbling.

But he quickly realized that the chances of that happening were very high.

‘Even if we started some work to repair it, this is a destroyed city. It would be weird if the foundation didn't crumble.’

The foundation could not be held up with only a few days worth of repairs.

Lee Soo Hyuk looked toward Cale with an odd expression.

Cale continued to speak in a calm voice at that moment.

“Was that your decision?”

There was a moment of silence through the walkie-talkies.

Eventually, Choi Han started to speak again.

Choi Han shut up after hearing Cale’s response.

“If we could only attack from the rear anyway, it’s better than pushing people to the point where some of them get hurt.”

Lee Soo Hyuk agreed with Cale and nodded his head.

Each and every person was precious right now.

Cale continued to speak to Choi Han.

“Choi Han.”

Lee Soo Hyuk could see Kim Rok Soo’s gaze turn sharp.

Cale’s eyes were looking at the ceiling as he continued to speak.

“I'm sure you’re chasing it, aren’t you?”

Cale nodded his head as if this was the obvious response.

Lee Soo Hyuk felt odd looking at Cale and hearing that it was obvious for Choi Han to chase that strong monster on his own.

It felt as if he was seeing the bond between two people who had been through many battles together.

Cale started to speak at that moment.

“Choi Han.”

He started to think about the people Choi Han had left behind to take care of things.

Mr. Jang Man Soo's shield should be able to delay the crumbling foundation.

Grandma Kim would heal the wounded while Lee Jin Joo’s amplification would allow them to move people without any confusion or chaos.

Cale started to look at something else.

Bang! Bang!

The horn on the blue head started to expand the crack in the ceiling.


The ceiling would break soon.

He started to speak to Choi Han again.

“Don’t get hurt.”

It was at that moment.


The blue head finally cracked through the ceiling and pushed its horn toward the surface.

"Choi Han, see you soon.”

Cale could see the light as soon as he said that.

Although the sky was covered in fog, the outside was still brighter than the underground.


The blue head roared as it pushed its body toward that light.

It felt as if the blue head was an imugi leaving a dark cave and ascending to the heavens.


Cale contacted the walkie-talkie to someone else as soon as he had that thought and started to shout.

“Spider web!”

The blue head seemed to be responding to him as it started to head toward the surface even faster, looking like a blue imugi in the process.

The horn and head were already above ground and the body was quickly coming up as well.


However, the blue head could not stop screeching even though it was above ground.

“Hold onto the spider web!”

Jo Min Yeh shouted and her long white hair that came down to her hips shot out in all directions.

A large white spider web instantly appeared.

“Grab onto it as the squad leader-nim mentioned! Hold on tight!”

“Push your legs into the ground and hold on! We can’t be dragged by the monster!”

The white spider web fell on the blue monster.


The blue monster started to flail.


“Raise it up! We need to capture it!”

All ability users nearby pulled the spider web from their respective locations with both hands held tightly onto the web.


They could hear the monster’s angry shouts.

Cale heard Jo Min Yeh's voice through the walkie-talkie at that moment.

Cale was already moving up.

“I have faith!”

He could hear Joo Ho-Shik's shout.


Although the situation had changed with an unexpected variable…

"We still have to do what we need to do.”

Of course, Cale probably had to do more than he had expected to do.

The people could see something shoot up from underground after the blue monster.

It was a person covered in rose gold thunderbolts.



They had only heard about that ability, but they had never seen his attacking ability before.

They had only heard rumors about how he was strong.

As their young commander shot up into the air…


The blue monster made a noise that was different than before as it pulled its body above ground. It then tried to get out of the spider web.


The spider web started to rip because of the blue head’s horn.

"Squad Leader-nim!”

Jo Min Yeh raised her hand toward the people shouting at her.

Her commander had given an order to the walkie-talkie in her other hand.

Jo Min Yeh shouted with one hand still in the air.



The spider web covering the blue head quickly disappeared. That white spider web came back to the tips of Jo Min Yeh’s hair and the others quickly retreated as well.

They then saw it.


They saw that there was a steel spear stabbed into the body of the monster that had just come above ground.

They could also see some grey clouds that were different from the fog start to form above the blue monster.

In addition, they could see their commander being surrounded by wind as he floated high up in the air above the monster and pointed down at it.

Finally, they could see a rose gold thunderbolt that seemed to take away all noise and light from the area shoot down toward the monster, specifically, toward the steel spear.

They saw all these things.

They had seen these things in just a few seconds.

After a few more seconds…


A loud explosion covered the ground.

“Holy shit! Such strength-!”

“…Eek, move back, move farther back!”

The people escaping the thunderbolt retreated while being unable to take their eyes off this fearsome yet beautiful rose gold light.


The rose gold thunderbolt flowed down the steel spear and into the blue monster’s body.

However, there wasn't even a scratch on the beautiful blue scales.

“Grrr, grrrrrrrrr!”

The thunderbolt that had crawled into the injury like a snake and attacked the blue monster’s weak insides was destroying it from inside.

The Fire of Destruction. It was living up to its name.


As someone gasped…

The blue monster’s body slowly tilted to the side.


It fell on the ground with a loud noise.

It sounded as if a large tree had fallen.

Everybody was at a loss for words for a moment.

One ability user pointed to the sky at that moment.

“Huh?! The Commander-nim!”

Cale's body curled forward as he floated in the air.

The grey cloud was already gone and the wind surrounding Cale was slowly disappearing as well.


A handful of dark red blood burst out of Cale’s mouth.

Cale quickly covered his mouth with his hand, but everybody had clearly seen the blood.

Cale kept his mouth covered with his hand as he quietly mumbled to himself.

“…Did I use too much power?”

He had used more strength than he had planned because he had felt rushed.

“I can't faint right now.”

Cale mumbled as he felt his body slowly fall to the ground.

He had called back the Sound of the Wind on purpose.

However, the people watching him were thinking that their commander had used too much strength such that he was unable to use his wind power any longer and was coughing up blood as he fell unconscious.

They couldn't help but flinch because a person, who already looked weak to start, was falling down looking like a weak autumn leaf.

It was at that moment.

“Bae Puh Rum!”

Lee Soo Hyuk called out Bae Puh Rum's name.

“Y, yes?”

Bae Puh Rum, who had followed Cale into the air and had blankly watched Cale use his powers, quickly turned toward the extremely cold voice calling his name.

“Hurry up and support him!”

“Ah, of course!”

Bae Puh Rum snapped out of it after hearing Lee Soo Hyuk’s cold yet urgent voice.

He then quickly flew up.

It was to save the falling Cale.

However, Bae Puh Rum had a thought on his mind as he flew over.

‘That was completely different.’

This one was completely different than the thunderbolt that Kim Rok Soo had used in the original shelter.

The thunderbolt he had used just now was so destructive that it felt as if the numerous thunderbolts he had used during the original shelter battle had all gathered into one.

Bae Puh Rum finally realized the difference between a battle where they only had to last for 24 hours and a battle that they needed to finish as quickly as possible.

At the same time…

‘He’s an amazing person.’

His feelings for Kim Rok Soo had moved past respect and towards admiration.

That was why he raised his speed as he needed to rescue the falling Kim Rok Soo.


Bae Puh Rum flinched.

There was something that was quicker than him.

"Tsk. Are you coughing up blood again?”

Something black had burst out from in between the fog-covered buildings.

"This is why I need to keep an eye on you.”

The Dark Tiger majestically caught Cale and put him on its back as its black mane fluttered.


It then landed in a similarly majestic fashion.

As everybody flinched at this…

Cale lifted his body up as he sat on Alberu’s back.

He then started to shout while his mouth was covered in dark red blood.

"What are you all doing?”

Everybody flinched at Cale’s completely emotionless and cold voice.

Lee Soo Hyuk made eye contact with Cale at that moment and Cale started to speak again.

“Are you all blanking out with the enemy in front of you?!”


Lee Soo Hyuk quickly turned his gaze toward the monster.

‘It’s still alive!’

It was still alive.

They had forgotten about checking the status of the enemy because they had been focused on Kim Rok Soo’s unbelievable strength and the enemy that had flailed before it fell.


The eyes of the heavily breathing blue monster were looking for an opening to escape.


‘Did I really have such a stupid reaction?! How many friends left this world before me while acting the same way?!’

Lee Soo Hyuk started to frown and immediately pulled out his sword.


He then started to run toward the monster.

He was not the only one.

Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum followed behind him to support him.

Park Jin Tae’s gun was pointed at the blue monster’s eyes as well.

It was at that moment.

Boom. Boom. Boom!

The ground started to shake.

They could feel vibrations coming from underground.

It was coming from the north.

It was coming from something underground headed toward them from the north.

It was that bastard.

It was the yellow headed monster.



Cale and Lee Soo Hyuk both started to swear.

“Lee Soo Hyuk, hurry! Cut its neck off!”

Cale said that before starting to speak to Alberu.

“Hyung-nim, to the north!”

“…Even I can tell. If it is this aura…”

The Dark Tiger's body headed north to where Cale was pointing.

Everybody looked toward that direction as well.


Someone subconsciously gasped.

“The ground, the ground is moving up and down?”

The ground was indeed moving up and down.

It was as if something was headed toward them from beneath their feet.

It was as if that something was trying to shoot up into the air from underground.

Cale looked at this and started to shout.

“Everybody move behind me! And Lee Soo Hyuk!”

It was at that moment.

“I know!”

Lee Soo Hyuk's back became covered in cold sweat again and his full strength was gathered at the tip of his sword.

Lee Soo Hyuk then swung his sword.

“Chh… Chhhchhh…. chhh!”


The moment Lee Soo Hyuk's sword slashed through the airway of the heavily breathing blue head….


The yellow headed monster shot up from underground right in front of Cale’s eyes.

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