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Chapter 578: The madness within the darkness (4)

But once the sun came up all the way…

Cale calmly said something to everyone there who were clenching their weapons.

“Let’s get some rest first.”

Park Jin Tae started to speak.


‘Get some rest? In this situation?’

Park Jin Tae looked around.

The Grade 2 and Grade 3 monsters were quickly retreating, but the living Grade 1 monsters were still here.

But everybody there suddenly saw something weird.

Last night…

It was something they were unable to see during that hell-like chaos.

That something was located where Choi Han and Cale had mainly been fighting.

“…Those monsters are-”

There were cold corpses of quite large monsters underneath the corpses of the Grade 2 and Grade 3 monsters that had charged in here.

They seemed larger than the other Grade 1 monsters.

Bae Cheol-Ho blurted out the thought that came to his mind.

“The second taster monsters?”

Similar to how there were taster monsters between the Grade 3 and Grade 2 monsters, there were supposed to be taster monsters between the Grade 2 and Grade 1 monster switch too.

Cale nodded his head.

“Yes, sir. Those were the second taster monsters.”

Cale looked toward the Grade 1 monsters that were just glaring at them after seeing that the humans were not attacking as he continued to speak.

“They’re just huge. The second taster monsters are much easier to deal with than the first taster monsters.”

Although they were larger than normal Grade 1 monsters, their strength was only between Grade 1 and Grade 2 monsters.

They were at about Grade 1.5.

There were no leader monsters either.

This information had been recorded in the future.

< As for the second round of taster monsters, the Grade 1 monsters did not attack the central shelter for a set amount of time even after all of the taster monsters were defeated. This was different than the situation with the first round of taster monsters. >

< The first round of taster monsters were special while the patterns for the second round of taster monsters were easier to understand. >

Honestly speaking, it was the first round of taster monsters that were weird.

It was the transition between Grade 3 and Grade 2 monsters but Grade 1 monsters came out as tasters and their leader was much stronger than regular Grade 1 monsters.

That was why these Grade 1.5 monsters in the second round of tasters… Truly fit the term, ‘taster.’

“We are safe until 9 am as the Grade 1 monsters will not attack the shelter. Everybody can go back and get some rest.”

Choi Han walked over to the calmly speaking Cale.


Choi Han slightly shook his sword and monster blood fell off the sword and onto the ground.


The others all watched this with different expressions.

However, they were all full of shock and astonishment.

‘They were able to locate the taster monsters and kill them all during that chaos? Those two really went hunting.’

‘…They didn't only kill the taster monsters. They were the ones to kill the most Grade 1 monsters as well.’

‘Holy crap! They created a mountain of monster corpses!’

Bae Cheol-Ho, Kim Min Ah, and Park Jin Tae. They each had different thoughts but came to the same conclusion.


‘I really need to follow this person to Seomyeon.’

‘…Crazy bastard.’

As Bae Cheol-Ho mumbled…

"We survived.”

The conclusion that all their different emotions reached was that they had survived.

"Everybody, please come over here for a moment.”

Cale walked away from the spot where the Grade 1 monsters had gathered and motioned to the others.

Originally, the Grade 1 monsters would be split up into three groups to attack the three central shelters later, but…

Cale had used the fire and the Grade 2 and Grade 3 monsters to gather the Grade 1 monsters to one spot.

"Do you have something to tell us?”

Park Jin Tae looked around at the people who had gathered here and asked Cale the question.

Cale looked at the group and started to speak.

“Between 9 am and 12 pm… Every shelter in the world will disappear for three hours.”

The central shelters lost their powers at noon yesterday, however…

Other temporary shelters were slowly losing their powers one by one.

And all shelters would disappear from Earth for the last three hours of this 24-hour cycle.

Cale lifted up one finger.

"We will fight for one of those three hours.”

He then lifted up another finger.

“We will only focus on defending for the remaining two hours.”

Cale looked at his allies who were covered in monster fluids and blood, as well as small injuries, as he continued to speak.

“Jang Man Soo, Jae Ha-Jung, and Kim Rok Soo. These three people will each cast shields on the three central shelters. Bae Puh Rum will move around with Joo Ho-Shik so that Joo Ho-Shik can use his ability on each central shelter's defender to support them.”

“Hold on!”

Bae Cheol-Ho raised his hand into the air.

His pupils were shaking.

“Mr. K … You also have a defensive ability-”

"I do.”


Bae Cheol-Ho let out a gasp.

Cale didn’t care as he continued to speak.

He didn’t have much time.

“Of course, other ability users will need to fight the Grade 1 monsters during those two hours of defense. But once it becomes noon…”

Cale looked up at the sky.

“There will be another solar eclipse.”

They could tell that the solar eclipse was the signal to show that this day of battle was over even without him saying anything.

Cale saw that they understood and pointed toward the central shelter.

“That is why we should head back for now.”

Choi Han walked toward him.

“Do you want to get on my back?”

“It’s fine.”

Cale shook his head and motioned to the side.


The Dark Tiger came over.

It was not the only one. The Steel Feather Hawk and the White Rabbit came over as well, and Cale started to speak to the two monsters.

“Let’s discuss the deal in detail after we move to the new central shelter.”

“Hmph, fine. Just know that you'll be in serious trouble if you try anything funny.”

“That is totally fine. There is definitely a need for a discussion of value.”

The Steel Feather Hawk and White Rabbit each said something before stepping back. Cale then got on the back of the Dark Tiger that had lowered its head.

Cale called Choi Han over with a serious expression as the others quietly watched.

“Choi Han.”

“Yes, hyung-nim. I will wake you up at 9 am.”


As the others became confused…

“Okay. I'm going to get some sleep.”

Cale laid down on the Dark Tiger's soft fur and… He then instantly fell asleep.

Choi Han looked at him with a satisfied gaze before turning his head. The others were looking at him with all sorts of emotions.

Even the two leader monsters were looking at Choi Han and Cale with confused expressions.

Choi Han debated what to say after seeing their expressions before he started to speak.

“I’m relieved that Rok Soo hyung did not end up fainting. I will see you all at 9 am.”

Choi Han smiled innocently and followed behind the Dark Tiger that was slowly returning to the central shelter.

“…My goodness.”

Park Jin Tae who was watching this shook his head as he followed behind Choi Han.

It was the same for the others.

“As I expected.”

Only Joo Ho-Shik was looking at Choi Han and Cale with an odd gaze.

“…The two of their abilities seemed a bit special.”

Joo Ho-Shik looked down at his hands.

He had clasped them together all night to pray.

He didn't believe in any religion, but it was the action he thought of whenever he thought of a prayer, so it had became a habit now.

He had many thoughts in the past regarding this ability that had suddenly appeared after the cataclysm.

Is there a god?

What am I supposed to have faith in?

Joo Ho-Shik who had nothing to believe in other than himself had started to think about god even though he didn't believe in any religion.

“…Hmm. They said that both of them had suddenly appeared, right?”

Kim Rok Soo was supposedly an orphan.

Choi Han had suddenly appeared claiming to be Kim Rok Soo's close dongsaeng.

Both of them also used powers that were different from the others.

He could tell the difference clearly because he had used his 'faith’ ability to support them.

“…Are they human?”

‘Were those two people really human? Or, were they something else?’

An odd glow filled Joo Ho-Shik's eyes.

“Hey, Mr. Joo Ho-Shik!”

He heard a grumbling voice at that moment.

"What are you doing? Why are you standing there with a blank expression?! Are you not coming?”

Park Jin Tae had turned back and was grumbling at Joo Ho-Shik in an annoyed voice. Joo Ho-Shik smiled gently and started to walk toward his central shelter.

“…He’s a weird one alright.”

Park Jin Tae watched Joo Ho-Shik with a suspicious gaze before starting to walk again.



The still remaining large number of Grade 1 monsters were biding their time and glaring at the humans.


Baaaaang! Bang! Baaaaang!

Loud banging noises were coming from all directions.

The Grade 1 monsters were attacking more intensely than ever before.

Buzz. Buzz.

Kim Min Joon quickly responded into the walkie-talkie after hearing Bae Cheol-Ho’s request from the second central shelter.

“Mr. Joo Ho-Shik will be there soon!”

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

Bae Cheol-Ho's voice was hard to hear because of the loud noises.

It was probably the same situation on Bae Cheol-Ho's side as well.


Kim Min Joon grabbed the walkie-talkie.

  • Baaaaang! Baaaaang!
  • Kim Min Joon could hear the banging noises on the other side of the walkie-talkie. He subconsciously started to speak.

    “Is Mr. Jang Man Soo doing okay?”

    Jang Man Soo was responsible for the third central shelter’s defense.

    Kim Min Joon looked forward after hearing Grandma Kim's question.

    Through the building’s open door…

    Jae Ha-Jung had received the most of Joo Ho-Shik’s ‘Faith’ ability since their defensive plan had started. Next was Jang Man Soo.

    The defender of this central shelter where Kim Min Joon was at had received Joo Ho-Shik's help the least.

    That was the case.

    The only one here to fight was Choi Han.

    However, even with that being the case…

    Kim Min Joon could say the following to her.

    "We are safe here. Please don't worry.”

    Baaaaang! Bang!

    Grade 1 monsters were furiously charging forward.

    They were heading toward the silver shield.

    They were heading toward the two wings that spread out from the shield and covered the entire building.

    However, the shield stayed firm.

    It did not break.

    Kim Min Joon could see Kim Rok Soo who was standing there with his hand on the shield.

    Whether it was because the shield was extremely large…

    Or because Kim Rok Soo was quite small…

    But it looked as if the shield and two wings were coming out of Kim Rok Soo's whole body and protecting this place.

    Kim Min Joon could see Kim Rok Soo's face properly because he was closer to Kim Rok Soo than the others.

    He could see Rok Soo's body as well.

    Blood had started to flow out of the corners of his mouth again.

    And, although he was standing firm, his hands and arms were slightly shaking.

    Kim Min Joon heard Lee Jin Joo's voice at that moment.

    {The current time is 11:55 am.}

    It was coming to an end.

    Kim Min Joon heard Lee Seung Won mumbling next to him.

    “The current time is 11:55 am. Defender Kim Rok Soo’s shield is still standing firm while Choi Han and the Dark Tiger are continuing their attacks from outside the shield.”

    The two black figures outside the half-transparent silver shield were darting through the battlefield.

    They were, of course, the Dark Tiger and Choi Han.

    They couldn’t stop all of the Grade 1 monsters, but Choi Han and the Dark Tiger were taking care of most of them.

    Cale would not have been able to last so long if they had not been able to do so.

    Kim Min Joon looked toward Kim Rok Soo, Choi Han, and the Dark Tiger for a moment.

    The past 24 hours slowly passed through his mind.

    Buzz. Buzz.

    Kim Min Joon quietly responded to Grandma Kim's voice from the still connected walkie-talkie.

    “Yes, ma’am. See you soon.”

    He then heard Lee Jin Joo's voice again.

    {The current time is 11:58 am.}

    There were only two minutes left now.

    The people at all three central shelters slowly looked up at the sky.

    They looked toward the sun.

    The past 24 hours passed through their minds as if it was a movie.

    Although it had felt like hell, they could now reflect on it as they had survived.

    This was the same for Cale.


    Cale kept his groan quiet as he held his two arms steady. The silver shield stayed up without shaking at all.

    {The current time is 11:59 am.}

    The Grade 1 monsters charged forward crazier than ever before.

    Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

    Hand, feet, head… The monsters aimed for Cale’s shield with everything they had.

    “Huff. Huff.”

    Cale could see Choi Han breathing heavily on the other side of the shield.

    Choi Han was very strong, but he still had a limit to his stamina as he was human.

    Cale and Choi Han were both exhausted.


    ‘Just a little longer…’

    If they held out just a tiny bit longer…


    Lee Jin Joo's countdown had started.

    {9. 8. 7…}

    If he held on just a bit longer…

    {4. 3…}

    Cale lifted his head up.

    Really soon now…

    {2. 1.}


    The sun was covered in darkness.

    The monsters’ attacks, their chilling screams…

    They all instantly stopped.

    Cale, well, Kim Rok Soo finally felt it.

    At this very moment…


    “I changed it.”

    ‘My past. My record. My regret. My despair.’

    He finally changed one thing.

    Cale closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them back.

    Once he opened his eyes to a world of darkness because the sun was covered up…

    He saw a beautiful light in the distance.

    It felt like an aurora that had come down to the ground.

    And he saw a large castle surrounded by that aurora.

    He could see a multi-story large castle with a Korean-style tile roof.

    There were modern-looking buildings surrounding that castle as well.

    He then heard Lee Jin Joo’s shaking voice.

    {The place you see right now…}

    Everybody was looking at the place Cale had talked about the whole day.

    {The place you see right now is our new base.}

    {Once the sun comes out again…}

    {We will head over there.}

    And once 1 minute passed and the sun reappeared…

    The Grade 1 monsters dispersed quickly as if that had been the deal.

    Cale deactivated his shield.

    “Rok Soo hyung.”

    “You worked hard.”

    Cale patted Choi Han’s shoulder and turned around.

    He motioned to the people who had been inside the building all day while shaking in fear.

    He was motioning for them to come outside.


    “Let’s go to our new home.”

    He was telling them they should quickly move to the new central shelter, their new base.


    The core ability users of the three central shelters who had been the only ones to have ‘zero deaths’ in this 'first central shelter destruction incident’ gathered in the large castle at the center of the large new central shelter.

    In the meeting room at the top of that castle…

    “Kim Rok Soo.”

    Park Jin Tae looked toward Cale.

    "So, you’re saying… No, according to your ‘foresight’.”

    Park Jin Tae suppressed his wildly beating heart and barely managed to speak.

    “An ‘unranked monster’ will soon appear in Seomyeon, Busan?”

    Park Jin Tae, Kim Min Ah, Bae Puh Rum, and the others.

    Many of them were looking at Cale’s mouth.

    Choi Han was standing behind Cale as if he was a guard.

    Cale opened his mouth and gave a short response.


    It was time.

    “That is why I plan on going to Seomyeon, Busan.”

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