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Chapter 479: Follow Me (2)

“This world may become dyed in blood!”

Sheritt pulled at her hair with both hands.

The White Star. He was a problem, but all living beings in this world would live terrible lives for tens, no, maybe even hundreds of years if the Battle of Good and Evil was going on.

The children, including Raon and Cale, would be part of those pained living beings.

“Absolutely not! That must absolutely not happen!”

She looked toward Raon with a burning gaze.

The small child seemed to be extremely shocked as he was frozen stiff with his jaw dropped.

“No, excuse me, Sheritt-nim.”

Cale was anxious unlike his usual self as well.

Sheritt firmed her resolve after looking at the two shocked children.

‘Yes, I need to be at the core. The Demonic race or whatever may come our way, as long as I chop their heads off-!’

Her vicious gaze turned toward Cale.

“Where did the Gate to the Demon World open? We need to f*ck them all up in the beg-”

“It’s not that.”

“We need to kill them-, hmm?”

“That’s not it. Sheritt-nim.”

Cale shook his head while Raon pulled on Sheritt's sleeve and started to speak.

“Mommy! I don't think it is that! I think you are making a mistake!”

“That’s right. Sheritt-nim, I think Raon is right.”

Sheritt froze in place after hearing Cale and Raon's comments.


Sheritt covered her face with both hands. Her face felt like it was on fire.

“…So, you are saying… There have been no revelation from the gods.”

“That’s right!”

Raon responded and Sheritt sighed before continuing to speak.

“…The Gate to the Demon World Cale mentioned is one of the Eastern continent’s Three Restricted Areas?”

“That’s right!”

Raon vigorously nodded his head.


Sheritt sighed and looked at the ceiling. She recalled how she had caused such a scene while shouting about the Battle of Good and Evil just now.

“…Both of you must have been shocked because of me.”

“That’s right! I was shocked!”

“Yes, ma’am. I was very anxious.”

Sheritt’s face felt even more heated after hearing the young Dragon and human respond without any hesitation.

“…I thought you were talking about the real Gate to the Demon World because that sinkhole didn’t exist when I was alive.”

The large black hole at the starting point of the Eastern continent's northern glacier region.

In the past, people said that anyone who falls into that sinkhole would end up in the world of the dead or the Demon World.

That was because they could not see the end of this sinkhole that was the size of a large city.

This was the reason no cities nor villages existed around it.

Arm's second secret base existed between that sinkhole and the mountain range that blocked the cold air from the glacier region.

“A place similar to the Dragon Slayer village…”

Sheritt quietly mumbled after hearing Cale's explanation until this point. There was a sense of longing in her voice.

Cale observed her expression as he continued to speak.

“I heard the sinkhole had been there from the past, so I thought it had existed since ancient times or since when you were alive, Sheritt-nim.”

Now that he thought about it, Cale thought the Super Rock or the other ancient powers would have said something about it if that had been the case.

The thief of the Sound of the Wind had explained about Wind Island, one of the other Three Restricted Areas.

“No. It wasn't there when I was alive. There were Three Restricted Areas at that time as well, but the location was different, and the name was different as well. I guess that the old restricted area has disappeared. I guess it makes sense that it would disappear.”

“Is that so?”

She nodded at Cale's question and continued to speak.

“So, there is a sinkhole the size of a city… And you think White Star must be doing something there?”

“Yes, ma’am. It feels extremely iffy because that place is called the Gate to the Demon World.”

Sheritt crossed her arms and shook her head.

“The gods would definitely send a revelation to the Dragons if the Demon World was trying to cause a negative influence on this world.”

“To all Dragons?”


Cale recalled how Eruhaben had been certain that Pendrick was wrong and that the Demonic race was not invading.

Cale explained that to Sheritt.

“Eruhaben is right. The White Star has been reincarnating for at least 1,000 years in this world while preparing to rule the world. If he was tied to the Demonic race somehow, it would have been for a long time. But the gods not knowing about that? There’s no way that can happen.”

Sheritt was as certain as Eruhaben.

“What does it feel like to get a revelation from the gods?”

"They send a prophecy through a dream or make us feel something odd that leads us to the location of the Gate to the Demon World or the Gate to the Divine World.”

Cale recorded her words before asking another question.

“What exactly is the Gate to the Demon World?”

Sheritt gave a simple response.

“The Gate that the Demonic race crosses through.”


“Yes. It’s a passage for the Demonic race and other creatures from the Demon World to cross through. A strong power from the Demon World would influence this world if that is created.”

“There would be no way for the Dragons and the gods to not know if it was a strong power.”

“That’s right. Even if they acted stealthily in order to trick the Dragons, the gods would notice it. That’s easy for them.”

Sheritt made eye contact with Raon whose eyes were sparkling as he heard something new.

“This is my first time hearing about this! I learn very well! That is why I am listening carefully!”

Sheritt gently caressed Raon's head after feeling her love for Raon filling up inside her.

“I am great and mighty!”

Both Raon's wings and his tail were fluttering.

Sheritt looked at him with a proud gaze for a moment before turning back toward Cale and starting to speak with a serious expression.

"The Gate to the Demon World does not open right away. The strong power quietly investigates the nearby area before slowly infiltrating that region and creating a large passage.”

Sheritt explained the responsibilities of the Dragon who finds the gate.

“Once The Dragons find the passage through the revelation, they work together to seal or destroy that gate before it is fully manifested.”

They destroyed it if a large amount of power had not come over from the Demon World and sealed it to get help from the gods or the Divine race if it was difficult for them to destroy it.

"That is why the Demonic race hates the Dragons. They think that we get in their way.”

Sheritt let out a chuckle.

“But from our perspective, this world is perfectly fine with its own living beings. How can we not get angry when the Demon World or some other place tries to invade and take over? That is why we work with the gods and the Divine race to protect this place.”

Cale who had been quietly listening started to speak.

“But why is it the Dragons that need to close the Gate to the Demon World?”

Sheritt tilted her head to one side.

“Then who would do it?”

“Excuse me?”

“Human! Who would do it as mom mentioned! The Dragons are the strongest, so they need to do it! Who else could do it?”

Cale was at a loss for words after hearing the two Dragons speak like this. So, he asked a different question instead.

“Why do the gods send a revelation? What about the Divine race? Can't they come here and take care of it themselves?”

Cale felt odd even as he said that.

He felt that the Demonic race, Divine race, and the gods all felt so unrealistic. However, his life was quite unrealistic as well for him to have such feelings.

Of course, it was extremely realistic to him.

“Ah, you see. It is even harder for the Gate to the Divine World to open. And it’s kind of iffy for the gods to interfere. They said something about the balance not being right or something? Furthermore, whether it is the Divine race or the Demonic race… Either of them appearing in this world would be an excuse for the two races to fight in this world.”

There were a lot of complicated relationships within it.

“Even the selfish and egotistic Dragons worked together for this. Of course, even I have only heard about it and never experienced it.”


Cale rubbed his chin with his hand as he started to think.

Sheritt looked at him with an odd expression.

He had said it was not the real Gate to the Demon World but a place with the same name. He said it was a sinkhole at the entrance of the northern glacier region.

Of course, the White Star was doing something there, but he had not pulled the real Demon World into it.

Sheritt was certain that was the case.

However, Cale seemed to have a lot on his mind.



“Wouldn’t it be much easier for the Demonic race to come to this world if the Dragons were not there?”


Sheritt was suddenly at a loss for words.

However, she soon nodded her head.



Cale crossed his arms.

‘Something is weird.’

He started to speak again.

“Sheritt-nim, you were close friends with the first Dragon Slayer.”


“Then why did the first Dragon Slayer choose the name Dragon Slayer when his close friend was a Dragon?”

Choi Jung Gun's memoir had said that he was extremely close with Sheritt to the point they shared their secrets with each other.

Sheritt recalled the past and started to speak with a nostalgic expression.

“Dragon Slayers are simply foreigners.”

Cale instantly thought about Choi Han.

Foreigner. Choi Han in the Birth of a Hero novel had endlessly debated about his own existence.

“…I heard the term treacher being used to describe Dragon Slayers.”

“Ah. That’s right. That word was used too.”

Sheritt nodded her head and debated for a moment before continuing to speak.

“Mm. In simple terms, there is a total amount of power given to each living being in nature. The Whale tribe gets a set amount of power. The Dragons get a set amount of power. Something like that.”

Cale opened his mouth to speak.

“Then, is a Dragon Slayer a human who has more power than the set amount for humans?”

There were many strong humans who were strong enough to be called superhuman.

“No. That’s not enough.”

However, not all of them became Dragon Slayers.

“Their plate needs to be big.”

“Their plate?”

“You should know about it as well. You need a large plate in order to be able to possess multiple ancient powers. Dragon Slayers describe humans whose plates have surpassed the human limits in size and durability. People with large plates usually become strong.”

Cale thought about Choi Han again.

Choi Han's plate was extremely large and sturdy.

Sheritt continued to speak at that moment.

“Mm. Honestly, we came up with the Slayer part because it sounded cool.”

“…Excuse me?”

‘What did I just hear? They came up with it because it sounded cool?’

It was the moment Cale's expression turned extremely odd.

Sheritt flinched after seeing this abnormal expression and quickly continued to speak.

“Ahem. Nelan Barrow was a smart human.”

‘That person?’

Cale’s expression turned even more odd.

Sheritt pretended not to see it as she continued to speak.

“Nelan Barrow was planning on making humans with large plates become the Dragon Slayer. He was going to make them continue the Slayer position. That was how he was going to tie them down.”

Tie them down.

Cale suddenly thought about something as soon as he heard that statement.


“…When you say tie them down…”

Cale thought about the village under the Castle of Light that was covered by cliffs on all sides.

The strong people who lived in that village could not reveal themselves to the world to become the king of a kingdom even though they were extremely strong.

Tie them down.

The Dragon Slayer whose plate was the largest and strongest would tie them to that village.


Cale thought about that question but came up with an answer right away.

He heard Sheritt's voice at that moment.

“To prevent another White Star.”


Cale let out a gasp.

This was not written in the memoir.

He had not heard about it from ancient Dragon Eruhaben either. This was something he could not hear from anyone else.

Only Dragon Lord Sheritt… She was the only one who could tell him about this.

“The ancient White Star's plate was so large and sturdy that he was fine having the sky attribute and the five natural attributes as well.”

“Nelan Barrow passed on the Dragon Slayer position so that someone who met those same conditions in the future could not become the White Star?”

“Yes. He created a village and gathered only the strongest people with the largest plates. They were very nice people.”

They had all gathered together to protect the continent and for the pure desire to become stronger.

“It’s probably better to call it a preventative measure rather than tying them down. He wanted to have them only focus on getting stronger and prevent them from having odd thoughts like wanting to become like the ancient White Star.”

The strong individuals had gathered together just in case a new White Star appeared as well.

Sheritt had a bitter smile on her face.

“Once someone became the Dragon Slayer, they received the attention of the Dragons.”

The strongest beings in the world kept their eye the Slayer.

That would naturally restrict the Dragon Slayer's movements.

“And as the Lord, I thought that the Dragons needed an existence that was at their level. Even if they did, they were wary of each other and kept an eye out to watch each other…”

Furthermore, the Dragon Slayer was necessary to prevent some Dragons who thought they were the only strong beings in the world from causing harm.

“That was why until about 1,000 years ago, the Dragon Slayer of the era and the Dragons fought against each other and were like friends and rivals.”

They lived in harmony.

It was true.

They were the only ones who could understand each other.

Sheritt recalled those peaceful times. She heard Cale’s cold voice at that moment.

"Then there should have been no reason for them to kill each other.”

Raon shouted at the same time.

“This is weird! Goldie gramps said Dragon Slayers were people who grew stronger by eating Dragons!”

Raon recalled what Eruhaben told him in the past.

‘Those bastards are humans who grow by eating Dragons.’

‘Young Dragons like you have to be especially careful. Your body has not grown up and you can’t use Dragon's Breath. Well, you have the unlucky bastard by your side, so you’ll probably be fine growing up slowly.’

Sheritt started to frown as she explained.

“Of course, there were some Dragons and Dragon Slayers who fought until they killed each other. But most of them maintained the balance well.”

She had to face Cale’s cold gaze at that moment.

"Sheritt-nim. Based on what I know, the White Star has killed six Dragons.”

Sheritt's eyes turned wide. Cale who was looking at her started to think about the White Star.

He hated the Dragons a lot.

But would he have killed the Dragons for just that reason?

He was also trying to turn Cale into the Dragon Slayer.

Was that it?

There were also the fake Dragon Slayer, Syrem, and the Dragon half-blood who were his failed creations.


Cale quietly mumbled.

“Why do you think he killed the Dragons?”

To create the fake Dragon, the chimera Dragon half-blood? Was that the only reason?

The White Star definitely said he needed to ask the ‘other side’ at the Gate to the Demon World.

Was the Gate to the Demon World just a simple sinkhole?

He looked at Sheritt and Raon as he started to speak.

“…Something is weird.”

Cale started to say everything he had thought was weird until now.


“Why does the sky attribute need dead mana?”

The White Star was a living human, but how could he absorb dead mana without issue?


“Why does the White Star hate the Dragon Slayer position but try to create a different Dragon Slayer?”

The White Star seemed to need the Dragon Slayer position. Especially as a subordinate he could control.

He had also killed Dragons.

Sheritt's expression slowly stiffened.

New thoughts filled her mind the more she heard what Cale had to say.

Cale continued to speak.


"Why would the White Star keep the Gate to the Demon World, which is known as a simple sinkhole to the continent, so tightly guarded and speak as if he is receiving powers from a different place?”

The atmosphere in the reception room was slowly turning cold even though Cale was speaking calmly.

Raon who had been quiet started to speak.

“The Dragon Slayers can fight against Dragons!”

Cale then added on. He bluntly spoke the truth as if he was speaking to himself.

“The Demonic race hates Dragons. It would become easier for the Demonic race to invade this world if all Dragons disappeared.”

Sheritt felt like a large shadow filling her mind after hearing those statements.


Her pupils started to shake.

The ancient times. The White Star who had destroyed an era.

And a different White Star in the present world who has taken on that name.

Sheritt felt like her heart was shaking as she looked toward Cale.

“The Demonic race is good at handling dead mana and enjoys doing things like putting dead mana into a living human’s heart.”

Cale asked the last question after mentioning all of the keywords on his mind.

"Sheritt-nim. Do you think that is really a sky attribute ancient power?”

Sheritt stated what was on her mind.

“…Do you think the White Star is connected to the Demonic race?”

Cale had no way of knowing whether the Demonic race had stepped into this world.

Sheritt had said that the Gate to the Demon World would not be able to trick the gods or the Dragons.

Furthermore, he had no way of knowing whether the White Star made a contract or a deal with the Demonic race.

Cale just said what was on his mind.

“A power that fights by absorbing dead mana.”

The sky attribute ancient power. That power…

“If there was a power from the Demon World, doesn’t that sound exactly like how it would be?”

Sheritt’s closed mouth opened.

“Looks like you need to go meet the World Tree right away.”

“I was planning on doing that.”

The situation, the roots of the situation had changed.

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