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Chapter 455: Returned (1)

“Patriarch-nim, did that punk Cale say that he’ll be heading over?”

Ron who was looking at the video communication device that just ended turned his gaze after hearing the voice. He saw Mercenary King Bud Illis who was holding a long thin sword, unlike his usual self.

Ron casually stared at the blood dripping down the thin blade before starting to speak.

“5 minutes later.”

He didn't say anything else before looking forward.

Bud did not show any complaints about this demeanor. He also looked toward where Ron was looking.

‘…The Molan family residence.’

Although it was now being used as Arm's secret base, this place used to belong to the Eastern continent's greatest underworld household in the past. Bud had been shocked when he had learned about it.

‘For it to be in the Molden mountain range.’

The Eastern continent's Molden Kingdom had grown significantly since about ten or so years ago.

They were located at the center of the Eastern continent and used commerce as a means to grow the kingdom, using their location effectively to become the center of the Eastern continent’s economy and material distribution.

There was a unique trait about the Molden Kingdom that managed to become the center of distribution and commerce even without an ocean around their kingdom.

A wide plain with just as wide and well-paved roads.

Merchants had no choice but to use these wide roads with no mountains to hinder them, especially after lodging and commercial districts were created as well.

‘The Molden Kingdom does have a mountain range in the northeast region.’

The mountain range was not very long, but it was very tall and dangerous that it ranked number one in climbing difficulty on the entire Eastern continent.

The Molan family residence existed in a valley deep inside that dangerous mountain range.

‘It’s actually more of a fortress than a residence.’

He could see buildings built inside the dry valley and the cliffs on both sides.

“Mercenary King-nim, we have successfully crossed the first boundary and should arrive at the second boundary soon!”

Bud raised his sword again after hearing the report. His gaze turned to one side as he started to speak.

“We can see Arm’s base after breaking past the first boundary as you mentioned.”

Bud's close friend Glenn Poeff and the Mercenaries Guild's mages had destroyed the illusion spell at the first boundary.

The assassins of the different households who had survived the destruction of their households but had been scattered throughout the Eastern continent until now were gathered here destroying the first boundary and the traps inside.

Bud then saw someone covered in a robe sitting weakly on the ground. The robed individual started to speak.

“The second boundary will be as I mentioned as well.”

He sounded weak as if he was a candle that was starting to go out.

A bright light flashed around them at that moment. The light soon disappeared and the person who appeared started to speak.

“It looks like we need to hurry.”

It was Cale.

The person on the floor raised his head. Cale could see the Dragon half-blood’s eyes looking at him underneath the robe.

Cale had a lot of things to say to this bastard. However, he didn't have the time to leisurely chat as the situation at the Caro Kingdom’s Dubori territory had taken longer than he had expected.

“Young master-nim.”

He turned his head toward Ron who was calling for him.

The usual benign smile was not on his face. His stiff face was full of anger. He also saw Beacrox who was standing behind Ron with his head down while holding his greatsword.

There was only one thing for Cale to tell them.

“Why do you both have such expressions on your faces when you are returning home for the first time in a long while?”

Beacrox raised his head and looked toward Cale. Cale, who received both the father and son's gazes, pointed forward.

The Molan family residence that had been covered by illusion magic…

He continued to speak to the original owners of this place.

“Come back soon.”

Beacrox pulled his greatsword out of the ground. He then walked up next to his father, Ron. He then heard Cale's voice again.

“Have a housewarming party once things are cleaned up. I’ll come over to play.”

Beacrox could see the slowly appearing smile on his father’s face. It was the first smile he saw after the cold and stoic expressions his father had on his face for the last few days.

The final Molan patriarch moved his empty hand forward as he responded.

“I look forward to your housewarming gift.”


Ron started to head toward Arm’s secret base with quiet footsteps. He heard Cale’s brusque voice behind him.

“Sure. I have a lot of money.”

Ron had no choice but to laugh.

“Haha, ha-”

He could not handle this situation without laughing. He had such a cute young master-nim.


“Yes, father.”

That was why Ron could not carelessly do this. He couldn’t disappoint this cute young master-nim of his.

‘Wouldn’t the housewarming party have to be grand for our even cuter Dragon-nim?’

He gave an order to his son.

“Send the signal.”

Ron’s gaze headed toward the second boundary. There was a small wall in that location.

He could also see the numerous archers and mages on top of the wall.

“Fire the arrows if they get any closer!”

“Hurry up and activate the magic circles! Prepare everything we have!”

Ron calmly watched them yapping away on top of the walls.

That kind of team makeup did not make sense for the Molan family. It was only like this because it was Arm's secret base.

Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- piiiiiiiiiiiiiii-

Beacrox's flute let out a sharp noise.

One of the mercenaries who were in the front of the group heading toward the wall at the second boundary shouted at that moment.

“Gather around!”

The people who were randomly charging forward gathered together in one location. They then started to move toward the wall.

“I should go as well.”

Mercenary King Bud who had been watching stepped forward.


His long and thin blade became covered in a blue aura.

“Sure. Come back soon.”

Bud left the waving Cale behind and quickly ran forward.

‘This is not just an issue for the Molan household.’

This was a war for Bud and the Mercenaries Guild.

A war between the Mercenaries Guild and Arm.

Winning this war would allow the Mercenaries Guild to defeat Arm which had become a power player on the Eastern continent by suppressing other organizations.

That would mean that the Mercenaries Guild would show off its strength to the entire Eastern continent again.

His hand that was not holding the sword started to move.

Click. Bud took the glasses off his face. He then gave the order that was most fitting for mercenaries.

“Destroy everything!”


Wind surrounded the area around him.

He could see the enemies as he quickly moved forward. They looked toward the strongest individual standing on the castle wall.

His ancient power was telling him that this was the strongest person.

Bud jerked his body back and swung his arm.

“Kill them all!”

The thin sword covered in blue aura was flung like a spear.

Everything had happened almost instantly.


The sword pierced through the neck of the swordsman who had been issuing orders on the wall.

That was the signal.


“Destroy everything! Climb up the walls!”

“Kill anybody you can get your hands on!”

The mercenaries were shouting as they charged toward the walls.

“Shoot the arrows!”

“Start the magic attacks!”

The enemies on top of the walls started to launch their attacks in response.

“Ugh! Hey! An arrow hit my arm!”

“You stupid idiot! You can’t even dodge an arrow? Move! I'll climb up!”

“Kahahaha! Shoot those fireballs properly if you're going to use them! They’re so easy to dodge! Kahahaha! You stupid bastards!”

The mercenaries in the front did not lose any morale because of these attacks.

They continued to move forward whether they dodged the attacks or were hit by a spell or arrows. They didn't seem to have any fear.

“T, these crazy bastards!”

One of the archers shooting arrows looked terrified.

One of the mercenaries made eye contact with that archer. The mercenary who had been climbing the ladder in front of the pack smiled while looking at the archer whose morale was significantly down.

“Are you scared? Kahahahahah!”

The Mercenaries Guild had not intruded without any sort of plan.

This was war.

The Mercenaries Guild had considered this to be a war and gathered the best veterans they had.

Veterans in the Mercenaries Guild were not strong individuals.

They were the ones who survived the longest during wars and battles.

They were people who were able to turn situations where they would get significantly injured to minor injuries.

They were the experienced mercenaries that the mercenaries who considered their bodies to be their wealth considered to be the best.

These were the people taking the lead right now as they climbed the wall.

The Eastern continent had never had a large war.

However, there were always minor wars going on and the people who survived through those wars had learned how to avoid the strong individuals in order to survive.

“Ugh, we can’t let it go on like this.”

“Assistant Leader-nim!”

Now that the Leader had died an instant death thanks to Bud’s sword, the Assistant Leader had to make a decision about these crazy mercenaries that kept charging forward.


“Yes, sir!”

He gave the order and the person standing next to him blew the flute.

Screeeeeech- screeeeeeech-

An odd noise came out of the flute making the mercenaries flinch for a moment. They then had to raise their heads.

“U, up there!”

“Shit! We didn’t expect an attack from there!”

The mercenaries in the front started to frown.

They looked toward the man-made buildings located throughout the two cliffs on the sides. Arrows, rocks, fire arrows, and other attacks launched toward the mercenaries from those buildings.


“Ugh! Retreat! You can’t dodge those rocks! They look as big as boulders! Crazy bastards!”

“The ladder is broken!”

Voices could be heard throughout the battlefield. The Assistant Leader who was on top of the wall clenched his fists as he shouted.

“Perfect! Keep this up! Tell them to launch the spells too!”

“Yes, sir!”

There were mages in the buildings along the cliffs as well. They would be extremely effective if they added onto this attack right now.

The Assistant Leader started to smile.

It was at that moment.

“Assistant Leader-nim!”

One of his subordinates pointed to the cliff…


Someone fell from the cliff while screaming at the top of their lungs. It was one of the mages.

The Assistant Leader's gaze headed toward one of the buildings on top of the cliff where the mage fell.

It was a man-made building created inside a part of the cliff.

Someone else's body appeared outside the same large window.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Someone was holding that person up by the neck. That hand was the only thing preventing this person from falling off the cliff.

The person holding this person up stoically started to speak as he looked out the window.

“Throw them all.”

Another mage fell down once Ron opened his hand.

Beacrox's flute could be heard at the same time.

Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- Piiiiiiii-

That noise started a chain of people screaming across the buildings on the cliff. A bunch of people fell off the cliff.

The Assistant Leader’s eyes opened wide.

“…T, the assassins were mixed in with the Mercenaries Guild just moments ago!”

He could still see assassins mixed in with the Mercenaries Guild's members as well.

However, the assassin way was to always have more people hiding without revealing themselves.

Furthermore, these assassins had stealthily snuck in using the path that true owners of these buildings informed them about.

The Assistant Leader started to frown.

“How could something like this-”

“Alright, you've been breached so just shut up now.”

“When did you get he- ugh!”

The sword of the person who climbed above the wall stabbed into the Assistant Leader’s heart.

The person who was using his sword like a spear left the sword stabbed in there before picking up the sword that had killed Arm's leader.

Bud, the owner of the sword, then turned toward the mercenaries behind him.

One, two.

Bud raised his head once the mercenaries filled the wall and Ron looked down at him as he started to speak.

“That’s the last of them.”

A noise that shook the whole valley soon started to ring.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing- Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing-

The second boundary was breached and only the third boundary remained. Arm’s secret base started to gather everything they had at the third boundary.

The third boundary was the main gate into Arm’s secret base. It was the main gate into the Molan family residence in the past.

“Block them!”

“We must protect the third boundary!”


The main gate opened and numerous troops charged toward the second boundary line.

Ron who was watching them started to speak.

“I leave it to you.”

Then, in a spot under the cliff where that voice could not be heard…

In the spot heading past the second boundary to the third boundary…

“Noona, this is the right place!”

Two small Kittens crossed through a dog hole on the wall and peeked their heads out.

The silver Kitten who was covered in dust looked at the enemies pouring out and started to speak.

“Looks like we can get started!”


The red Kitten responded and fog quickly started to spread out starting from the silver Kitten, On.

Hong’s poison was mixed into the fog as well.

“This, what is this fog?”


“Hey, what’s wro- ugh!”

The Dragon half-blood had said the following while planning this operation.

‘Arm will put the weakest people in the front. I'm certain they will come charging out once the second boundary is destroyed to prevent us from getting to the third boundary.’

The people in front of that group would be the weak individuals.

‘On, I leave it to you.’

On’s eyes sharply sparkled after recalling what Ron had said to her.’

The weakest people in the front were easily affected by the quickly spreading poisonous fog.


“Hey, the formation will be destroyed if you fall! Ugh!”


The pouring soldiers…

The weakest people in the front were slowly falling down as they became paralyzed by the poison. None of them were severely wounded, but it was enough to temporarily paralyze their legs or parts of their body.

People continued to pour out behind them.

The formation was destroyed and they now had issues moving.

“We can’t see properly because of the fog!”


Their sight was hindered by the fog.

This was the perfect example of chaos.

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