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Chapter 449: He's Human (3)

Water that was supposed to flow from top to bottom was flowing in reverse.

The White Star rationally knew that the water was unable to put out his fire, however, his natural instincts were making him move.

That water is dangerous.

His body was moving forward on its own.


“…You weak ass bastard.”

A blue spear crashed into his fire sword and blocked his way. The White Star then saw the bastard smiling and running away.

“Did you only realize that now?”

Cale said that as he quickly descended. He heard the Super Rock's voice in his mind.

The Dragon Slayer crown had helped Cale fight against the White Star last time.

However, Cale shook his head at the Super Rock's question as he descended.

The blue water continued to shoot up into the air opposite his downward moving movement. Those water pillars soon became large enough for people to see.

Blue and transparent water.

The pillars of water that should normally not be visible in this dark night were sparkling and revealing their presence. This was ironically because of the light from the pillars of fire that were here first.

“Huff…huff, huff.”

The woman who had been running nonstop with her child in her arms finally managed to see the spot people were gathering.

‘His highness! The knights are also there!’

The crown prince and the knights were in the plaza as the Dark Elf had mentioned. Wouldn’t her chances of survival go up if she was next to them?

The woman then saw people pointing to something in shock.


She then heard a loud noise coming from a distance. The woman who had been busy running while thinking only about survival could now hear everything again.

“Mommy! Behind you!”

The woman slowly turned around after hearing the child in her arms pointing behind her and shouting. And then she saw it.


Pillars of water as tall as the pillars of fire were shooting up into the sky.

The people who had been running away from the rivers of fire ferociously approaching from the north, south, east, and west had all stopped to stare at those pillars of water as well.

Unlike this odd liquid fire that they could not tell if it was magma or not, the pillars of water resembled water that they could see anywhere.

However, these pillars of water were mesmerizing for the Dubori territory's residents.

“Mommy! I've never seen so much water before! Wow!”

Just like the child’s innocent admiration, water was not something abundant in the Dubori territory which had a desert next to it, even if they had more than enough to survive on.

People who had only seen water in small thread-like rivers, wells dug deep underground, and rain watched water in the shape of large pillars blocking those rivers of fire.

Siiiiiiiiiiiizzle- Siiiiiiiiiiiizzle-

They could hear things starting to burn.

White smoke started to rise to the sky.

“I, it stopped!”

The red liquid that had been gobbling up everything in its way was slowly starting to disappear without advancing anymore.

More vapor started to rise as the water and fire continued to touch each other.

It almost felt as if there was white fog slowly surrounding the area around the river of fire.

“A, anyway, it is going out!”

“W, we're safe!”

"Keep running! We're like ripe persimmons if those pillars of water get destroyed!”

The red liquid that had been flowing forward like a river or maybe even a tsunami was slowly disappearing.


The White Star who knew better than anybody else that the fire, that this disaster had stopped looked toward the still present pillars of water in shock.

This was no regular fire.

It was a special fire fused with disasters to have the characteristics of magma.

But it turned into vapor as soon as it touched that water?

The White Star's gaze headed toward Cale who was descending. Cale was observing the White Star as well.

The Sky Eating Water's clear voice filled Cale's mind.

Her voice only reached Cale’s mind, but she was talking to the White Star who was looking down toward Cale.

The name, ‘Water of Judgment,’ that was given by a god was effectively many shackles for her. As she threw away those shackles and decided to live her life as the Retrogressive Water…

She had become stronger than in the past.

She needed to become much stronger to gobble up something that could not be touched. She needed to become more violent as well.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Cale could feel his heart beating wildly. This was a signal from the Sky Eating Water. She was telling him to hurry up and start as the preparations were finished.

He opened his mouth to speak.

“You thought this was it, didn’t you?”

The White Star tried to read Cale's lips, but Cale didn't give him the time.


Cale who was heading toward the center of the plaza while surrounded by wind reached both hands forward.


The eyes of the people who had been looking at the pillars of water opened wide.


The pillars of water started to turn with the water inside these pillars furiously starting to turn as well. The White Star had an ominous feeling about this.

Bzzz, bzzzz.

A strong whirlwind of power was giving the White Star the chills.

“…Cale Henituse!”

The White Star’s body quickly descended toward Cale. Fire was shooting out of his fire sword. The fire turned into the shape of a red crescent moon-shaped boomerang as it flew toward Cale.


However, the red crescent moon was blocked by black aura.


The black aura was gobbled up by the red crescent moon and instantly disappeared.

However, the White Star’s fire did not manage to reach Cale. The White Star could see Choi Han standing on top of the tallest building nearby with his sword pointed at him.

It was Choi Han's aura that had blocked the fire.

“…That bastard……!”

Cale started to speak as the White Star started to frown.


As a rumbling that shook his whole body came from his heart and gave him the signal…

“Eat it up.”


The people in the plaza raised their heads.

Four strands of wind flew out from Cale and moved toward the north, south, east, and west. People who turned their heads following those strands of wind then saw it.



The ends of the spinning pillars of water turned sharp. Four spears pointed their firm arrow-like points toward the red pillars.

Cale let the wind carry his voice.


The Sky Eating Water responded and the large water spears shot toward the pillars of fire.

The people nearby blankly watched this sight. Their ears were ringing because of the large spears’ movements.

Caw. Caw.

Those people snapped back to focus and stepped back thanks to crows biting and pulling at them. Their speed slowly increased as they ran away from the pillars. However, they continued to turn their heads to watch the fire and water clash against each other.


Loud explosions could be heard as the water and fire clashed.

The ground started to shake as well.

Sizzling sounds came from all directions.

It seemed as if the world was flipping over.

“…This is not possible. You can block- a disaster?”

The descending White Star’s pupils were shaking in disbelief.


The magma-like fire was slowly being destroyed by the ferociously slamming water.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The water continued to slam into the pillars of fire even as the tips of their spears broke down. They gnawed away at them. Then they gobbled them up.

The furiously spinning water gobbled up the fire before turning into vapor and flying up into the sky.

Crown prince Valentino got goosebumps all over his body as he watched.

The fire did not end up burning everything and the large water did not turn into a tsunami and destroy the nearby crops either.

They both dispersed into the air as if they had never existed from the start.

His head quickly looked up.

“…Young master Cale.”

Young master Cale was descending from the sky. He was heading to the center of the plaza near crown prince Valentino.

Valentino walked over toward Cale like a man who lost his mind. The goosebumps had not disappeared either.

‘Cale Henituse, Cale Henituse.’

How many times had he heard that name from almost everywhere these past few years? He had also personally seen this man’s amazing display of power at the Caro Kingdom's battle as well.

However, he was not as shocked then as this time.

‘Is he human?’

Was this man human?

Could you call someone who could so freely use the powers of nature human?

Shock and gratitude as well as fear and unfamiliarity filled Valentino's mind

Both the White Star and Cale Henituse had similar powers.

This one fact was sounding the alarm in Valentino's mind. However, he naturally walked over to Cale.

He wanted to see the person who made this amazing thing happen.

Valentino reached his hand out toward Cale the moment Cale landed on the ground.

He wanted to at least pat him on the shoulder.

“Young master Cale.”

However, his hand stopped in the air.


Cale body started to fall forward. Valentino saw something that was dark red unlike the fire falling to the ground.

The dark red blood coming out of Cale’s mouth quickly wet his clothes and the ground.

“Young master-nim! Are you okay?”

Gashan who had approached at some point supported Cale up.

Valentino could see Cale's hands as he leaned on Gashan. They were slightly shaking. It was not just his hands. His entire body was slightly shaking.

His pale complexion could not be covered even by the blood flowing at the corners of his mouth.


Valentino let out a gasp.

‘He’s human.’

Cale Henituse was also human.

Why did Cale Henituse have to cough up blood and be in so much pain?

Valentino looked around. He could see people looking shocked and concerned for Cale. He then saw the plaza where the residents of the territory had gathered.

Valentino realized it after observing each and every person’s gaze and expression.

Cale Henituse is different than that man known as the White Star.

He heard Gashan’s voice at that moment.

“Young master-nim, aren’t you overdoing it?”

Valentino urgently turned his head to look at Cale. His gaze soon headed up into the air.


He saw a shining black light clashing against fire.

The aura coming out of Choi Han’s sword was fighting against the White Star's fire sword.

To be more specific, Choi Han’s black aura did not fear getting broken as it continued to prevent the White Star from coming down.

Valentino could feel that the White Star’s gaze was focused on the plaza even without being able to see him.

That red sword was aiming for the people in the plaza. He realized it right away.

Valentino then saw some silver threads slowly coming out of Cale’s hands.


It was the power Valentino was familiar with, the same power that had made Cale famous.

He realized that Cale was trying to create a shield. He was doing it to protect the people here. Valentino started to clench his fists. He opened his eyes wide and firmly clenched his fists.

The silver threads that slowly came out as Cale coughed up blood and continued to shake started to become clearer.

“…Young master-nim!”

Gashan’s concerned voice echoed through the plaza.

Cale who was listening to that voice started to frown.

‘Damn it!’

He had used too much of the Sky Eating Water.

It had been too much.

He had also used the earth attribute ancient power as well.

Furthermore, he had been using the Sound of the Wind almost all day.

Although he had not used all five attributes, his body was shaking because he had used too much of the water.

‘Should I have used the crown?’

He would have been fine if he had done so.

He heard the Super Rock’s voice.

However, Cale could not stop.

‘Choi Han can’t last long!’

Furthermore, he had told the people to gather at the plaza.

The corners of Cale’s lips slowly went up and formed a sorrow smile as if responding to the Super Rock's sorrowful voice.

A beautiful silver light appeared in front of the people who had their heads up at that moment.

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