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Chapter 421: Going Until the End (2)

The teleportation magic circle. The people surrounded in light while standing above it could see Cale's back as he charged toward the golems.

“Why is the one with the weakest body……!”

Sword master Hannah could not help but raise her voice as she looked at Cale's back. She started to frown.

It was funny to see the weakling who looked like he would be sent flying to a distant tree with a single hit charging toward the golem on his own. It seemed to be a rash judgment.

Although it was really funny, Hannah could not laugh.

‘Crazy bastard! This stupid idiot!’

She knew why Cale was charging toward the golems right now.

He was doing it so that the group could safely teleport out of here. He was facing the golems for them.

Of course, she knew that Cale Henituse was strong.

There were only a few people here who would get rid of the golems and Cale was the one who could take care of them in the shortest amount of time.

She also knew he would then cough up blood and then faint. She knew it all.

‘Damn it.’

However, she could not run toward Cale even though she knew about all this. She may be a terrible person, but she had enough tact to know she should help Cale, but there was something else she needed to do right now.


She loosened her clenched fists after hearing her brother Jack call her name.


She then gave her body to the light from the teleportation magic circle that was getting brighter.

She needed to go to the capital. She needed to protect the capital.


Hannah could not stop frowning. She looked down at her hands. Her hands were slowly turning invisible. She was being teleported.

“He is writing a legend.”

She heard Clopeh Sekka’s voice at that moment. Hannah turned her head. She could see Clopeh who had moved back onto his wheelchair. Clopeh looked toward Cale and continued to speak in an excited voice.

“Sacrifices are necessary for legends.”

Clopeh started to smile brightly.

Although Cale Henituse looked like a cold person, he had a side that was more emotional than anyone else.

‘He is either extremely intelligent or extremely stupid, it is one or the other.’

Clopeh had that thought more and more every time he saw Cale.

He was looking at Cale’s back right now. He knew that the person charging toward the most dangerous spot right now would fight even harder for his comrades. Look at it right now. His comrades looked touched as they looked at Cale. Not only did he raise their morale, he also brought them together.

If he was acting this way while hoping that this would happen, then Cale Henituse is an extremely intelligent and cold person.

‘On the other hand, if it isn’t that and he's just acting as his heart tells him to act…’

Then he was stupid. He would be charging in without thinking about his own life. However, regardless of which of the two it was…

“…We are looking at a legend.”

Clopeh's sight slowly became blurry because of the teleportation. He would be at the Mogoru capital once he closed his eyes and opened them again. He looked at Cale fighting against the golems with a passionate gaze as disappointment filled his heart.

“I am disappointed that I cannot watch this great battle in its entirety.”

“Your mouth…”

He could hear Hannah’s cold voice.

"Shut your mouth.”

Hannah's hands looked ready to grab Clopeh by the collar and shake him.

Sacrifice? Legend?

“Unless you want your life to end before you could look at this legend or whatever.”


Hannah closed her mouth and turned away from Clopeh after hearing Jack's voice.

Her sight was almost gone because of the bright light as well.

The last thing she could see was Cale’s back. Hannah looked at Cale’s back for a while before closing her eyes.


The white gold light and red light shot out in all directions as if it exploded before the light disappeared, leaving nobody behind.


The sound of explosions filled the area where people had just been. Cale's fist slammed against the golem’s axe. To be more accurate, it was not his fist slamming against the axe.

“Damn it! The thunderbolt……!”

The black mage in the cockpit shouted in anger.

It was a small thunderbolt that had slammed into the axe and made that noise.


The golem staggered. The black mage in the cockpit quickly moved to regain its balance. He could see the golem’s axe.


The golem’s black axe was burning.

“…They got away!”

He was angrier at the fact that Cale's group disappeared via teleportation than from his axe being damaged. His blue eyes that were full of anger and annoyance headed toward Cale.

He could see Cale Henituse who moved back from the shock of the impact cover his mouth.

Drip. Drip.

Black blood was pouring out of his mouth.

The black mage snorted at that sight and started to move the golem.


The golem got back into attack mode with a quiet noise. It looked fine other than the slightly burnt axe. The black mage looked toward the bleeding Cale.

“You can't consider this to be the same as last time.”

The black mage sneered as he lifted the axe again.

“You can’t use that fancy thunderbolt properly right now, right?”

The black mages knew about Cale Henituse’s power that could destroy golems. It was a fiery thunderbolt that shot down from the sky. However, that fiery thunderbolt could not make it past the black wall right now.

Boom. Boom. boom.

He could hear the sound of the ground rumbling getting closer. The corners of the black mage’s lips slowly twisted up.

“There’s no way you can get rid of this many golems at once. Isn’t that right? How are you going to fight all of us one by one?”

The other golems were now aiming their weapons toward Cale.


The black mage’s orders reached the cockpits of the other golems before the golems’ roars filled the area underneath the black wall.

“Rooooooooooar!” “Roooooar.”

Swords, spears, axes. All of these weapons were pointing at Cale Henituse.

“…Haaa… haaa……”

Cale could see the weapons coming toward him.

They all looked large and vicious because they were being held by the golems.

He could hear Raon's shout.


However, he then heard an explosion in the distance before he heard Dorph’s voice.

“I can’t let you go, young Dragon.”

Dorph was holding Raon back. Raon had removed his invisibility at some point and was fighting against Dorph.

On the other hand, Dorph was hiding his body within the darkness to make it hard for Raon to find him.

“It'll be hard for you to find me.”

As Dorph's formless voice and Raon's voice filled Cale’s ears and mind…

Bang! Baaaaang! Bang!

He could hear the battle between Choi Han and the Bear King as well. Cale looked toward that direction.

“…It really is that.”

It really was Choi Jung Soo’s Yong. Jung Soo had originally been a grade 10 ability user. These powers had suddenly appeared when the world had turned into chaos. Choi Jung Soo's ability had been at the lowest grade, grade 10.

But Choi Jung Soo had improved. He had combined his martial arts and his sword arts with his ability, making it as strong as a Grade 1 ability and thus allowing Choi Jung Soo to be recognized as a Grade 1 ability user as an exception.

‘Hey, isn’t this cool? Fighting with a white Yong wrapped around me. Don’t you think so?’

Choi Jung Soo had always fought with a white Yong wrapped around him. That Yong sometimes became a sword, a whip, and even an extension of his hand at times.


Choi Han was using that same Yong, but one that was black. The Yong was faint and didn’t look strong compared to Choi Jung Soo’s white Yong, looking as if it could disappear at any moment.


Choi Han who was fighting against the Bear King made eye contact with Cale. Choi Han could see the weapons moving toward Cale as well as the bleeding Cale.

"Where are you looking?”

However, the Bear King continued to launch light arrows at him. Choi Han started to frown as he swung his sword toward the arrows. As he looked back at Cale while defending…


He could see Cale smiling. It looked almost scary because he was smiling with a bloodied mouth, but Cale seemed happy.


Cale turned his head as Choi Han questioned what was going on.

He could see the blade of an axe that was right above his head. Swords, spears, clubs. All sorts of weapons were headed toward him. They were all aiming for his body that was extremely weak compared to the golems. Cale started to smile even more.

“…What the hell?”

The black mage suddenly had a bad feeling after seeing Cale’s smile. However, the axe and the attack could not be stopped.

And right before all of the attacks hit Cale…

“How wonderful.”

Cale calmly started to speak as he opened his arms.

“You’re all charging at me at once.”

The fiery thunderbolt and the wind roared around both of Cale’s arms.


Cale released the powers in his arms as the black mage's mind blanked after seeing what was around Cale's arm. All of the weapons struck down toward Cale at that moment.


An extremely loud explosion filled the area. Everyone in the area could see the red whirlwind shooting up to the sky.

Crackle. Crackle.

That red whirlwind was filled with thunderbolts.


The golems that had attacked Cale started to fall.

Their arms that were holding onto their weapons were all ripped apart by the red whirlwind.

“N, noo!”

A black mage could see a rose-gold colored fire spreading quickly starting from the spot of the golem’s ripped arm.

Screeeeeech- Boom.

The golem completely fell on its back. The black mage in the cockpit tried to open the door to escape. He could see the fire approaching him as he tried.


The golem screeched once the fire touched it.

“I, I need to g, get out.”

The black mage struggled with the lock because he was shaking, but he was able to finally get the door open.

He came out of the cockpit and took a deep breath. He heard an explosion behind him at that moment.


The golem that had been caught in the rose-gold fire had ended up exploding and turning into ash. However, the black mage could not look at that right now.

“…My goodness.”

The world was red. The golems that had lost their arms and their weapons were burning. He could also see the red wind going wild.

Boom! Boom!

The wind dropped the ripped golem arms and weapons all over the place. It was strategically dropping them on the other golems.

“No! Dodge!”

“Don't let it touch the fire!”

The dropping weapons and arms were burning from the fiery thunderbolt. Those fiery thunderbolts quickly started to eat up the other prey.

It almost looked like a festival. Bright and fancy fires were eating up the golems. The golems, specifically the black mages controlling them, started to run away from the fire.

However, they were all gobbled up by the fire's greed in the end.

“Fire spreads so easily.”

The black mage turned his head after hearing a calm voice. He could see the bleeding Cale Henituse standing there with a cold expression on his face.

The black mage plopped down on the ground before starting to move back. Cale looked down at him before looking around.

Fire spreads easily. If a fire meets the wind, then the wind can lead the fire. The wind sent the fire to aim for the golems near the Alchemists’ Tower while avoiding the forest.

The branches that were enlarged with the power of the shield retreated once Cale removed the power.



The roars of the berserk golems became louder with the fire.

The cheapskate started to speak.

Cale looked around while listening to the whispers of the thief and the cheapskate. He then started to smile brightly.

Fire was a very useful light for humans. Even if the sky was dark… The ground could be bright.

He made eye contact.

“He's over there.”

The one who was hiding in the darkness. Places for him to hide slowly disappeared as the burning golems ran wild and lit up the areas.

"Raon, do you see him?”

Lion King Dorph who had been hidden in the darkness.

Cale made eye contact with that bastard.

Raon's black mana started to burn up like the fire. It was this bastard's turn after the golems.

He heard the Super Rock's voice, but Cale started to activate his ancient power again.

Drip. Drip.

The black blood that was flowing out of his mouth and nose wet his shirt.

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