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Chapter 402: Alright, this is the beginning (4)

“Why are you not saying anything?”

Rosalyn could only sigh after hearing Cale's question.

Both Cale and Raon started to chuckle.

“Yes, aren’t there a lot?”

“Smart Rosalyn! We have a ton of magic stones now!”

Rosalyn got the chills after hearing Cale’s short laugh. She should be happy because they were on the same side, but she had an ominous feeling for some reason.

Cale didn't care and continued to speak.

“I already informed the Singten Merchant Guild leader. I told him he will receive a fitting reward if he gathers as many magic stones as possible.”

Cale had received the magic stones from Plavin Singten already, but had coaxed him to gather more when they met again this time.

‘Merchant guild leader, gather a lot of magic stones.’

‘…Sir, I understand.’

‘The value of those magic stones will be the value of your Merchant Guild's future and your own future position.’

‘My very best! I will give it my all!’

Cale recalled Plavin's passionate expression with a satisfied look on his face. Rosalyn asked while looking at Cale's face.

Rosalyn did not say anything else.

The Singten Merchant Guild leader would probably gather a lot of magic stones after being seduced by Cale's words.

However, his reward will still be going to prison.

Rosalyn organized her thoughts before starting to speak again.


Rosalyn lost focus for a bit while watching Cale move the magic stones into a different spatial pocket bag.

“By the way, did something happen?”

She only snapped out of it after Cale asked her why she had called.

Cale could see the grim expression on Rosalyn’s face.

Raon and Cale stopped moving.

“Were there problems while getting Syrem’s powers?”

Choi Han had headed over to the Roan Kingdom's capital with Eruhaben. He was planning on taking the three ancient powers in Syrem, the fake Dragon Slayer’s possession.

Of course, it was true that this was happening earlier than planned because they had to change the plans at the Mogoru Empire.

However, Cale didn’t think there would be any issues, especially with Eruhaben there with him.

Rosalyn said there were no issues as Cale expected.

It was at that moment.

He heard a familiar voice.

Cale could then see Rosalyn who was up against the screen move back.

Cale could finally see the scenery behind Rosalyn.

It was a bedroom.

He could see Eruhaben as well.

“Human! Choi Han! Choi Han is lying there!”

He could see Choi Han lying on the bed behind Rosalyn and Eruhaben.

Raon's short front paw was pointing to Choi Han.

“This is bad! Choi Han fainted like you do, human! He’s similar to you for something so useless!”

He was not just lying there.

They could hear Choi Han’s painful groans in the short moment Rosalyn and Eruhaben were silent.

Raon’s jaw dropped.

Choi Han’s body was shaking as well. He would flail his body every so often as if he was in pain.

Cale had never seen such a frown on Choi Han’s face before. He did not feel good seeing the punk who always had a relaxed expression on his face during battles such that it annoyed their enemies frowning like this.

"What happened?”

Eruhaben looked much more fatigued than when he left the Black Castle.

Eruhaben stopped Cale with his palm, telling Cale to listen to what he had to say first.

Cale nodded his head after recalling how Eruhaben had mentioned Choi Han's plate in the past.

Eruhaben and even Cale’s ancient powers had determined Choi Han’s plate was very large and sturdy such that it was perfect to take in ancient powers.

Then how did he end up like this?

‘They were like the Dominating Aura and the Vitality of the Heart?’

That was true.

That was why Cale had agreed to Choi Han taking Syrem’s powers.

‘The White Star’s body is not in balance without the earth attribute ancient power because he, like the ancient White Star, is trying to become an overlord with the sky attribute and all five natural attribute powers.’

But this was not Choi Han’s situation.

“Then this isn't because the ancient powers are clashing inside his body?”

Cale could then feel the confusion in Eruhaben’s expression.

Even the ancient Dragon was confused about what was happening.

Cale slowly started to frown.

Eruhaben quickly added on.

He didn’t use the other two powers.

The issue happened afterward.

Eruhaben closed his eyes before opening them back.

Cale had a full frown on his face now.

Cale started to get a headache.

Syrem’s three ancient powers.

Two of them were the wyvern controlling power and the half Sword of Disasters.

And the final third power…

Choi Han had learned about this third power after chatting alone with Syrem in the underground prison on the day Cale's group visited.

Cale had heard about the power before splitting up with Choi Han on his way to the Mogoru Empire.

‘What power is it?’

Cale had thought it would have to do with passing the other powers to someone else.

‘The name of that power is ‘Abandoning Your Life.’’

Choi Han had looked at Cale with an odd smile on his face.

‘I told you about this last time, right Cale-nim? The first Dragon Slayer gave up his vitality to create the Sword of Disasters.’

Cale realized what ‘Abandoning Your Life’ was used for after hearing that, making him unable to only have good thoughts about Choi Jung Gun.

‘The Abandoning Your Life ancient power you mentioned sounds like a power or device where you turn your vitality into a different power.’

‘That is correct.’

‘Don’t take that one.’

Abandoning Your Life.

Nelan Barrow.

It was the power that allowed Choi Jung Gun, Choi Han’s youngest uncle, to create the Sword of Disasters.

The book had mentioned how he had used his vitality to create the Sword of Disasters but had no explanation on how he had achieved it.

The explanation was in this Abandoning Your Life ancient power.

He wasn't crazy enough to let Choi Han take such a power.

Cale had no plans whatsoever to make Choi Han take it.

‘I'm not going to use it, but I will still take it from him for now.’


Choi Han said that he was going to take it.

‘If I don't take that power, the Abandoning Your Life ancient power will end up residing in a location or an item once Syrem dies. We cannot allow someone else to take this power. Won't it be a problem even if it returns to the White Star's hands?’

‘Then I will take it.’

‘I cannot let you do that, Cale-nim.’


‘Because I think you will use the power if things look bad.’

Cale had been at a loss for words after hearing Choi Han’s response. Choi Han’s next words seemed to be something he came up with after debating it for a long time as there were no openings for Cale to argue about.

‘I will make a Vow of Death with you. If I use that power to negatively impact my vitality, my lifespan or even my body's condition-’

Cale had cut Choi Han off.

‘Using Abandoning Your Life means you are giving up a portion of your life. Isn’t that the same as dying? So how is the Vow of Death useful?’

‘No, death is not the consequence I am thinking about in the vow. If I use my life for that power, I swear that I will lose someone important to me.’

Cale knew at that moment that Choi Han would never use his life for that power.

Losing someone important to him.

Choi Han had been fighting all this time to prevent that from happening.

‘So, I will take that power as well.’

Cale could feel that Choi Han would not budge on this.

‘…One more.’

That was why Cale had countered with the following.

‘Add one more condition to your Vow of Death.’

Losing someone important to him.

There was a blind spot in this condition as well.


The definition of that word.

Choi Han could lose someone important to him from the curse of the Vow of Death.

This could be understood in one of two ways.

Either that person dies or that important person loses all memories related to Choi Han so that he means nothing to that person anymore.

‘Choi Han, do not use Abandoning Your Life to protect people important to you.’

Cale had sternly commented.

‘If you use your powers for that reason, that important person will lose just as much vitality and lifespan as you used.’

Cale knew Choi Han quite well.

That was why he put an almost cruel condition.

“If you use your life for that power, your important person will die from the vow's death.’

Someone important to him will die.

That person will die because of him.

‘Ha, haha.’

Choi Han had started to laugh in front of Cale. He then stopped smiling and smiled brightly before responding.

‘I understand. I will make that vow as well.’

‘I will ask Eruhaben-nim to verify all of those parts.’

Cale was speaking coldly, but Choi Han seemed to be happy about something such that he responded back with a smile.

‘I really do not plan on using that power. So please don’t worry about me.’

Choi Han meant what he was saying.

That was why Cale had left Choi Han to take care of the Syrem situation.

Eruhaben’s voice allowed Cale to get out of his thoughts.

After hearing about Syrem’s powers from Cale and Choi Han, Eruhaben came with Choi Han to the capital where they made a Vow of Death through Cage.

He then helped Choi Han receive Syrem’s powers in the underground prison.

Eruhaben was able to confirm through the Vow of Death that Choi Han did not use Abandoning Your Life.

A mysterious power that the ancient Dragon could not determine was running wild inside Choi Han's body.

They could hear Choi Han’s painful groans every time there was silence.

  • He said memories were pouring into his mind.
  • ‘Memories?’

    Eruhaben recalled his conversation with Choi Han as Cale looked confused.

    It had happened as Choi Han’s body suddenly started to shake and he curled forward.

    ‘…Ugh, memories, ugh!’

    ‘Choi Han, stop talking! Try to calm down-’

    ‘Memories, ugh, are pouring into me. Memories are p, pouring in.’


    Choi Han had clenched Eruhaben’s clothes and said something right before he had fainted.

    Those words came out of Eruhaben’s mouth right now.


    What name did Eruhaben-nim just say? Choi Jung Soo?

    Why is that name coming out?’

    Cale’s eyes opened wide.

    Eruhaben recalled what had happened.

    ‘…Choi, ugh, Choi Jung Soo……?’

    Choi Han who seemed confused had grabbed his head before he fainted.

    ‘Memories, the records are pouring in.’

    He said that one more time as he fainted.

    Eruhaben could see Cale's stiff expression as he continued to speak.

    It was at that moment.

    Cale subconsciously placed his hand over his heart.

    He quickly put his hand into the inner pocket of his black outfit.

    It was hot.

    The spatial pocket bag he usually carried with his items inside was hot.

    He quickly opened the spatial pocket bag he took out of his pocket.

    He then took out the hottest item inside.

    It was a black book.

    It was the God of Death’s divine item.

    It was the book that described how to defeat death with death.

    Cale turned the page.

    The words on the first page had changed.

    < You really seem to be someone who breaks the laws of nature and fate. I was right to decide to trust you. >

    < I will pass on Choi Jung Soo's memories to Choi Han. Of course, I plan on keeping the decision you will have to make a secret. >

    ‘This rotten god!’

    < This is my gift to you. >

    ‘A gift my ass!’

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