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Chapter 269: With Love (2)


Queen Litana's eyes opened widely as she asked in confusion. Litana smiled and responded back after seeing Cale flinch in bewilderment.

“It is just judgment.”


Cale held back this gasp of surprise.

How arrogant of a phrase was it to call this, ‘judgment?’

However, she was someone who had brought the fourteen sections of the Western continent’s southern Jungle that were three times the size of the Empire under her control.

The Jungle was somewhere that nothing neither magic nor technology were developed anywhere near the other kingdoms.

However, they had developed in a different way. Nobody knew about it because the Jungle’s strength had never been revealed to the world.

Cale raised both of his hands to Litana who was smiling arrogantly as he agreed.

“The only place that can say they are going to judge the Empire is the Jungle.”

Cale handed her a document. This document described the reason he had come.

Litana received the document and started to speak.

“Will the Empire declare that they will take back Maple Castle?”

“They will definitely do it.”

Cale answered without any hesitation.

‘Because they are the Empire.’

They had to act that way because they were the Empire.

First, an ambush would throw away the Empire's honor.

Second, all of the other kingdoms except the Empire and the Whipper Kingdom were currently sensitive as they had just been involved in the war against the Indomitable Alliance.

Would the Empire ambush a foreign kingdom in the middle of that?

‘The nervousness throughout the continent would drastically go up if they did that.’

All of the other nations would be glaring at the Empire if they did that.

That was why it was highly likely that the Empire would announce it as the reclamation of Maple Castle in order to justify their actions to the other kingdoms.

“Then I’ll see you again during the war.”

Litana got back on Ten, the black panther.

She would lead her warriors to the Section 1 shores.

This location for Cale's villa and the spot where the alliance between the four kingdoms and one tribe was created would be where the Jungle warriors would prepare for the upcoming battle.

Cale said goodbye to Litana before starting to walk.

“Are we going back to the Empire?”

Cale had not come to the Jungle alone.

Naturally, the invisible Raon, Choi Han, On, and Hong came with him. Hong, who was hanging on Choi Han’s shoulder, started to shout.

“We need to go help prepare Sir Rex for his first berserk transformation!”

“He's right. Sir Rex knows even less about the Cat tribe than we do. It's serious. We need to make him into a smart king.”

On yawned in Choi Han’s arms as she seriously added on.

However, Cale shook his head.

“We can go to the Empire a bit later.”

“Then are we heading to the Whipper Kingdom?”

Cale stared at Choi Han with suspicion.

‘Why is this punk so curious about where we are going these days?’

Choi Han, who used to do things without asking questions, was suddenly extremely curious about where they were going. However, it wasn’t as if he was going against Cale's orders.

‘I guess I did boss him around without telling him much until now.’

There had been a lot of complaints even when he was Kim Rok Soo and became the new team leader because he only gave short orders to the employees, mercenaries, and ability users.

‘Team leader-nim, please! Please tell us some more information! Why do you always try to do everything on your own? Do you think the world and people will recognize you for doing that? Even if we say that we are office workers, we know that is not the truth! So why do you try to do everything alone?! Please don’t.’

‘Team leader-nim, instead of reading webnovels or books all day, why don't you talk to people as well? Even if it is just us, please talk to us! Please?’

‘Team leader-nim, we feel the same way you do! Although we put on a facade and work in secret, we feel the same way you do!’

Cale, no, Kim Rok Soo recalled the employees who had said retiring and having a slacker life were their dreams before quickly erasing the thought from his mind. Knowing that they, unlike himself, had families, he didn’t feel right telling them everything. That was why he only gave orders with small pieces of information.

Cale looked toward Choi Han, On, Hong, and the invisible Raon whom he expected was looking at him as well, and nonchalantly added on.

“Why do you need to know where we are going?”

“So that I can go with you.”

"We’re coming with you!”

“We need to know where we are going so that we can prepare our hearts.”

Choi Han, Hong, and On responded back at the same time.

Cale started to chuckle.

“I need to teleport the weak human! He cannot go anywhere without me, the great and mighty Raon Miru!”

Raon spoke out loud as there was nobody else around.

"The weak human is weak! I need to take him everywhere!”

Cale couldn’t help but laugh.

He then flinched.

‘…It’s the voice of the Sky Eating Water.’

‘…My goodness.’

Cale had seen glimpses of it last time, however, the way this clear voice was swearing was making him nervous. He then heard the Super Rock's voice.

  • Tsk.
  • The Super Rock was calming the water.

    Cale was flabbergasted.

    ‘I thought that the ancient powers had been quiet for a while. These things are just becoming even weirder.’

    Cale's expression turned serious. How did he end up picking up these weird things? He looked toward Choi Han with a serious expression.

    “Choi Han.”

    “Yes Cale-nim.”

    “Do you love peace and justice?”

    Choi Han was suddenly at a loss for words.

    The children averaging nine-years-old slowly closed their mouths and looked back and forth at the two of them.


    Choi Han could not easily respond to Cale's question.

    17 years old. He had thought peace and justice were the most important things until that age. However, he was then thrown into the Forest of Darkness with nothing but his school uniform. The way he looked at the world changed during that time.

    However, he chose peace and justice so that he could live like a human. That made it easier for him.

    However, as funny as it was, there was no easy path in the world. Choi Han’s current situation was like that. His mind was not at ease.

    He now had a home, a family, and even close friends. However, he was always worried because danger came with them as well.

    Choi Han looked toward Cale.

    ‘Is he about to give me an answer?’

    Did Cale know about his concerns, so he would give Choi Han some sort of advice?

    In that case, Choi Han thought that he should respond to Cale's question first.

    Choi Han finally opened his mouth to speak.

    “…Peace and justice always seem so far away.”

    This was especially the case for peace.

    “They are indeed far away.”

    Choi Han closed his mouth after seeing Cale calmly responding as if he agreed. He could still see the desolate Jungle in front of him.

    He then heard Cale's voice again.

    “However, it can become closer. It can get as close as you want.”


    ‘Is he going to tell me to have hope?’

    Choi Han could see Cale reach over and pat him on the shoulder. Cale could also see the damaged Section 1 of the Jungle as he continued to speak.

    “The Eastern continent is far too.”


    Only On, who was the oldest of the children averaging nine-years-old, realized something was weird about this conversation.

    However, the other children had not realized it yet.

    Choi Han nodded his head with a sad expression.

    “It is. Peace seems as far away as the Eastern continent. Both peace and justice seem as far away as that place that I have never visited.”

    “Don't worry.”


    Cale's response hit Choi Han hard. He looked into Cale's concerned eyes that were looking at the desolate land and clenched his fists.

    He recalled what he had promised himself before.

    ‘Let’s be the person to create the path for Cale-nim to become a legend.’

    “I will definitely escort you to the path of peace and justice-”

    “It’s next door, right next door.”

    “Excuse me?

    ‘Next door? What is? The Eastern continent is next door?’

    Choi Han flinched and called out to Cale.


    “Peace and justice can get as close as you want.”

    ‘As expected.’

    Choi Han just clenched his fists tighter after hearing Cale’s conclusion. Hearing that it can get as close as you want made Choi Han feel like he could also get there.

    Choi Han was willing to hold his sword up and take the lead down any path, even those that were full of despair, in order to get to that peace and justice.

    “Choi Han.”

    “Yes Cale-nim.”

    Cale looked toward Choi Han and continued to speak.

    “Let’s go there together.”

    Choi Han took a step away from Cale. He then slightly bowed his head toward Cale, who was still looking at him. It was not an extremely respectful action, however, his eyes gave off the determination of a knight responding to his lord. [3]

    “Yes, Cale-nim, I will go wherever you want.”

    The six-years-old black Dragon who had been listening in shouted at that moment.

    “Human, I'm coming too!”

    “Yes. I know.”

    “I'm glad you know! Actually, I won’t let you say otherwise!”

    “Sure. So, create a teleportation magic circle to the Eastern continent.”


    Raon flinched.


    On meowed as if she had expected this to happen. Cale didn't care as he looked around at each person in the group who had different expressions on their faces.

    Only Choi Han, On, Hong, and Raon were here as the rest of the group was left behind at the Empire.

    This combination was exactly the combination that had rescued Raon, other than the fact that Raon was added to the group. Just like it had been when he was Kim Rok Soo, only those who had nothing gathered together.

    Cale looked at this combination of people that he liked and started to speak. He had a grim expression on his face.

    “Tomorrow is the opening day for the inn.”


    On meowed as if she was sighing.

    Cale did not know this as he spoke to Raon.

    “We are heading to the inn.”


    < Hope and Adventure Loving Inn >

    Choi Han looked at the three-story inn’s sign with a blank expression.

    “What do you think?”

    Choi Han gave his honest thoughts.

    “…It seems too warm and welcoming.”

    The inn had white walls, a red roof, and a yard that was full of flowers and trees, making it give off a welcoming vibe.

    Cale opened the door to the inn with a satisfied expression.

    Ding ding.

    The bell rang to signal that a guest had arrived.

    Choi Han entered following the sound of the bell only to hear Ron's voice.

    “Young master-nim, how is it?”

    “Good. You did well.”

    Choi Han looked at the people standing next to Ron.

    Two men looked as if they were chefs while the other three men looked to be employees. All five of them seemed like good people.

    The way they were smiling gently made them all seem nice.

    ‘They're nervous.’

    However, Choi Han could feel that all five of them were nervous.

    ‘They seem as if they received a warning that they will be assassinated.’

    It was weird, however, Choi Han stopped thinking about it after seeing Cale's actions.

    “Introduce the inn family in the backyard as well.”

    “Ah, yes sir!”

    Choi Han had noticed that there seemed to be many people behind the inn.

    Honestly speaking, Choi Han had no idea what Cale had been doing in the Eastern continent. That was why he was excited to meet these new family members.

    Choi Han looked around as he followed behind Cale, who was heading for the rear door to the backyard. This place was much smaller than the Henituse Estate or the Roan Palace, however, he could see the warm and welcoming interior of the inn.

    It seemed like a place that even beginner adventurers would be able to relax.

    ‘Is this our new house?’

    This new house in the Eastern continent made Choi Han a bit excited. It was because it felt as if they were decorating it from the start.

    That was why he walked through the rear door with lightheartedness.

    ‘I feel a few strong presences as well, did he pick them as guards for the inn? He really doesn’t miss even the tiniest of details.’

    Choi Han was thinking like that as he turned toward the group of people in the backyard.

    He then flinched.


    All of their faces were vicious.

    They all looked grim as well.

    There was one more thing.

    “…Why that outfit-?”

    “Ah, it’s the uniform, the inn’s uniform.”

    Cale nonchalantly responded to Choi Han, not caring whether he was frozen stiff or not.

    “It is the uniform that will represent adventure, justice, and peace, the values of our inn. Shouldn’t we act according to our lovely values?”

    Choi Han looked at the person in front of this new group of family members in the backyard, the person who had a large body and seemed to be the strongest of the bunch.

    It was a black outfit.

    There were also one white star and five red stars on it.

    Anybody could see that it was the fake Arm outfit.

    The fake Arm outfit that was made shabbily on purpose was the uniform.

    Choi Han looked toward Cale, who took an outfit out of his spatial pocket bag and handed it to him.

    “It's yours.”

    “…Thank you very much.”

    There was one red star on the black outfit.

    It was just as shabbily made as the rest.

    He heard Cale’s voice at that moment.

    “This will be the start in order to bring peace for everyone.”

    Choi Han carefully grasped the clothes as he answered back.

    “It is not far.”


    “What is it that I have to do?”

    Another voice shouted in Cale's mind as Choi Han asked that question.

    The Fire of Destruction.

    That cheapskate fiery thunderbolt spoke up for the first time in a while.

    Cale took another outfit with a red star out of the spatial pocket bag. The fiery thunderbolt was still speaking.

    That was the truth.

    Cale did tell Toonka to play with fire.

    The Fire of Destruction added on in a quiet voice.

    Naturally, Cale knew that as well.

    That was the reason he stopped by the Eastern continent right in time for the grand opening.

    He came to create the final key for the battle against the Empire.

    Cale looked toward the mountain bandits with vicious expressions and Choi Han as he started to speak.

    “Today is the inn's grand opening.”

    The normal and warm grand opening would take place during dinner time.

    However, once the sun goes down…

    “And starting tonight, we will take down the Leeb-An City's underground organizations one at a time.”

    Those organizations will easily be destroyed with a single swing from Choi Han’s sword.

    Cale did not hide his smile.

    Cale calmly proclaimed as the former bandit leader’s face turned pale.

    “Ah, our organization's name is, ‘The Real Arm.”

    If someone asked, ‘who are you?’ They just honestly had to say, ‘we are the Real Arm!’ It was the perfect name to respond to that question.

    Cale ignored the six-years-old who was saying something scary as he took out a robe with a red star on it.

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