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Chapter 147: Vicious (2)

Witira and Cale’s group flinched at Cale’s response. A shocked Witira walked over to Cale.

“Young master Cale, you’re going to flip them over?”

Rosalyn seemed to be debating the plausibility of Cale’s plan while Choi Han just stood there with his mouth open in shock.

“Cale-nim, are you really going to flip them over?”

Other than Raon who was smiling brightly, everybody else seemed to be shocked. Cale answered them with indifference.

“No. Well, you see.”

His calm voice echoed throughout the forest.

“I was thinking that it might make it easier for them to leave this world if we shook their ships a bit. Wouldn’t it be better if we could send them to the afterlife without dirtying our hands as much?”

Even the Tiger tribe warriors that were standing behind the shaman slightly flinched and looked toward Cale.

Witira had told them about Cale, however, the smiling Dragon behind Cale made them even more nervous.

Cale smiled awkwardly at the shaman’s white eyes and the Tiger tribe warriors’ gazes that were directed at him. At that moment, Cale heard a familiar voice coming from behind him.


It was Ron.

“Young master-nim, this shaman-nim does seem to be spiritual. He was able to guess your thoughts and he even knew that you used to act like trash but changed your ways.”


“Why are you suddenly talking about me being trash?”

Cale looked toward Ron with a confused expression. Ron seemed to be satisfied with the question as he started to smile.

“‘The man who is living a new life.’ Wouldn't that be talking about how you changed from your trash ways to become your current noble self?”

Cale flinched.

‘The man who is living a new life.’ That was not actually talking about how he stopped being trash.

However, Cale could not object to Ron's explanation. It was at that moment.

“There was a time when young master Cale was trash?”

“That’s not possible. Young master Cale-nim is not trash.”

Witira and Mary’s robotic voice asked in shock. Mary was still speaking in a robotic tone, but she managed to say everything she wanted to say.

The sword master Hannah looked toward Cale with an odd gaze in her eyes.

Cale responded to the gazes directed at him.

“I’m still trash.”

He thought that he was still trash.

Although it was so that he could have a peaceful future, he seemed to be going around causing all sorts of issues. He also scammed people a lot.

That was what Cale was thinking.


Cale could see Witira smirking at his response. She responded back with a gaze that seemed to be saying that she understood.

“I thought you were saying that you really were trash. I guess you meant it like that.”

‘… What does she think I meant?’

Cale could not figure out what Witira was thinking about to respond to him like this. However, based on how Mary’s black hood was nodding, Mary seemed to have accepted it as well.

At that moment, Choi Han started to speak.

“Cale-nim’s past actions were all just an act. He used to live a peaceful life until he decided on a goal and started to move.”

‘What kind of messed up version is this one?’

Cale looked toward Choi Han with disbelief. Choi Han smiled with satisfaction as he continued to speak.

“We know the truth even if you pretend it is not because you are embarrassed.”

‘My goodness.’

Cale really was in disbelief. At that moment, Rosalyn, who had been quiet, started to speak.

“Actually, the fact that young master Cale was trash was quite popular in the noble society. I trusted that rumor until I met young master Cale and learned that he had been hiding his true self.”

Witira gasped at Rosalyn's explanation while Mary just continued to nod her head.

Cale was at a loss for words.

He wanted to say that his true self was someone who hoped to live a slacker life, however, he thought that they would understand it completely wrong if he tried to explain.

At that moment, Cale felt like he was being stared at, so he turned his head.

The sword master Hannah.

She was looking at him like he was a terrible guy. Her look of disbelief made Cale feel more relaxed.

He then looked toward the shaman with an even more relaxed demeanor. The shaman was still looking at him with those white eyes.

‘How psychic.’

He really seemed to have spiritual powers. He seemed more like a medium rather than a shaman though.

Cale became curious.

‘Would they know who I am?’

He started to speak.

“Who am I?”

Cale's unexpected question made everyone look at him with confusion. Would there be anybody here who doesn't know who he was?

However, Cale was waiting for the Tiger shaman’s response. The shaman started to speak.

“What I have said is everything that I heard.”

“···I see.”

Cale felt disappointed at the shaman’s words and nodded his head. However, the shaman had more to say.

“One more thing.”

“… There’s more?”

Cale became curious and looked toward the shaman with anticipation.

“I was told that the red-haired man will give us a new home.”

“That is wrong.”

Cale immediately responded to the shaman’s statement.

‘A new home? Although it would be great to use the Tiger tribe to fight against the Northern Alliance's knights…’

Cale shook his head. He was trying to get rid of the useless thought in his head.

The shaman started to speak.

He had closed his eyes once again.

“My introduction has been delayed. My name is Gashan and I am a shaman who is here as a representative of the Tiger tribe. It is my honor to meet Dragon-nim and the amazing individuals of the Western continent.”

The shaman Gashan pointed to the wooden building.

“Let us continue to speak inside.”


Cale headed toward the wooden building as he started to think about the Hais Island map.

Hais Island 9.

The, ‘Hais,’ name was the name given to the collective group of 15 islands.

Hais Island 2 and 12 were currently being used by the Whale tribe and the Tiger tribe respectively.


Cale was currently flying in the air. They were not visible because of invisibility magic, so he openly asked his question.

“Is it them?”

“Yes, young master Cale.”

Cale looked on while hearing Witira's voice.

They were currently in the middle of the ocean. There were tens of large and small ships sailing through the water.

Even the small ships were just small in comparison to the large ships, as they were truly at least medium-sized ships.

Cale started to frown.

He then started to speak again.

“There are more than I expected.”

There were many people to respond his statement.

Cale was currently flying and invisible with Raon’s magic while Witira was doing the same with Rosalyn’s magic.

The last person with them was the shaman Gashan.

Cale looked to his side. This crow next to him was the only non-invisible presence. Gashan was still on Hais Island 9 but had created a crow to accompany them.

They could hear his voice through the crow.

“Although there may seem to be a lot of ships, the strongest of them are gathered on the five ships in the center. That is where we suspect Arm’s First Battle Brigade is located. There are supposedly 20 members in that team.”

20 people. The First Battle Brigade did not have as many members as the other brigades.

Witira started to speak.

“The oceanic lifeforms are continuing to observe their movements. They should arrive near the Hais Islands in about five days.”

Cale remembered what Ron had told him.

‘Young master-nim, I have fought against Arm on the Eastern continent. Although they were members of the underworld, they specialized more in battle and murder instead of stealth and assassination.’

‘There were also a lot of people with special abilities.’

‘Even the subordinates of the members of the First Battle Brigade will be stronger than your average mercenaries.’

Cale looked down at the group of ships and shared his sentiments.

“They seem to be strong.”

The enemy was stronger than he had expected.


Cale was thinking with his arms crossed.

They had ten Whales and approximately twenty Tigers.

They also had his group.

Gashan started to speak.

“Something like this would not have happened if all of our Tigers were still alive. It is very embarrassing.”

Cale heard how the Tiger tribe ended up being in danger of being extinct.

‘Tigers do not live in a streak.’

Similarly, the Tiger tribe also did not live in streaks. The Eastern continent has a lot of mountains. The Tiger tribe was spread out across the Eastern continent with only one family living in each mountain.

Arm had found them one by one in order to kill them all. They were said to have brought hundreds of people broken up into five teams to attack each group of Tigers.

Gashan said something else as he explained.

‘I heard a message from nature one day. I was told to gather the Tiger tribe. At that moment, a messenger that one family managed to send out before they died arrived and explained the situation.’

The Tiger tribe lived like hermits in the mountains and did not know much about the situation of the continent. They lived so far from each other that they barely knew the situation of their own tribe members.

That was how the Tiger tribe went from having two hundred members to twenty Tigers. All of them had gathered together and come to Hais Island.

That was why only about 15 out of the 20 Tigers would be involved in the battle.


Cale, who was still thinking things over, could hear Witira’s voice.

“Young master Cale, will we have a lot of casualties with our current numbers?”

The thought of losing never crossed Witira's mind.

Even if they were low in numbers, they were still the Whale tribe and the Tiger tribe. There was no way that they could lose. However, she was worried that they would have a lot of casualties as the enemy had hundreds of people.

Witira started to speak again with a concerned expression.

“Maybe we should have asked the other kingdoms for help.”

The entire Whale tribe was not here either. The Whale King, Shickler, as well as a few others were currently observing the Northern Alliance while preparing for war.

Witira quietly mumbled in a concerned voice.

“We can't lose too many at this point.”

Cale started to speak at that moment.

“Wouldn’t they be most scared of natural disasters?”

“Excuse me?”

Cale looked down at the ships and started to speak.

“What would happen if tens of whirlpools suddenly appeared in the ocean as they crossed?”


A whirlwind the size of a palm appeared from the middle of nowhere.

It was Cale using the Sound of the Wind.

He continued on with a confident voice.

“They will try to avoid the whirlpools once they see them. At that moment, they will see the islands. They will see the row of 15 Hais Islands. Then wouldn’t they head for the islands?”

Cale thought about what would happen five days later as he continued to speak.

“Some of the ships with captains who do not have the skills to avoid the whirlpools will end up being destroyed. The people on board will fall into the ocean. They will not be able to fight properly in the water.”

Witira looked down at the ships in the ocean. She could hear Cale continuing to speak.

“Ah, and if we put whirlpools in between the 15 Hais Islands, the ships will gather in order to select islands to avoid them.”

Rosalyn, Witira, and Gashan. The three of them did not say anything as they listened to Cale.

“What do you think?”

Witira's lips started to move.

The Tiger tribe and Cale’s group would be at the islands that the ships decide to congregate at. The Whale tribe and the whales would attack the shipwrecked enemies.

Witira looked at the small whirlwind in the air. The ships down below would not be able to see this small whirlwind.

She opened her mouth to speak.

However, there was someone who was faster than her.

“Human, let’s try it!”

It was Raon.

Cale could feel a gust of wind against his face from Raon fluttering his wings.

“I am stronger now after learning from Goldie gramps! Let’s flip over all of those ships!”

Cale started to think.

‘Dragons really are scary.’

How could he talk about causing a natural disaster with such joy in his face?

Cale looked down at the tens of ships below and started to speak.

“Then let’s plan for when they arrive near the islands in five days.”

Compared to the vast ocean, the Hais Islands were fairly close to each other.

Arm would experience hell once they arrive at these islands.

All different kinds of hell would be waiting for them.

Even if they managed to get out and escape to the ocean, they would then have to face the Whale tribe. That would be a type of hell as well.

Cale started to frown while imaging the sight.

‘How terrible.’

It would not be a pretty sight.

At that moment, he heard Gashan’s voice.

“We can finally get our revenge in five days.”

For the Whale tribe, Tiger tribe, and the fake Holy Maiden Hannah, five days later would be the great day that they could finally get their revenge on Arm and show them the meaning of hell.

“Let’s go back.”

Cale turned away from the ships and quickly headed back to Hais Island 9. He then started to think.

‘It’s going to be tiring.’

He would need the maximum support of the Vitality of the Heart in order to use his ancient power.

‘I'll rest until Spring after doing this.’

That was Cale’s cute plan.

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