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Chapter 120: Nice to Meet You (3)

Although Cale was excited, seeing Toonka laughing like a lunatic was still not a pleasing sight.

“You’ll break it tomorrow?”

Toonka looked like a kid wanting to know what his birthday present was as he asked Cale the question.

That was why Cale decided to heighten Toonka’s expectations.



Toonka, as well as Harol and the other Chiefs, all stiffened up. Cale looked at their stiff expressions and gave a refreshing answer.

“Breaking is too light of a word. I will destroy it completely.”

“What? Ahahahaha!”

Cale could see Toonka laughing maniacally before walking over to the base outside of the Magic Tower with his arms open wide.

Many soldiers came over to greet Toonka as he started to shout.

“Did you hear? This symbol of hate will soon disappear! A new history of the Whipper Kingdom will soon begin!”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The soldiers started to stomp their feet and cheer.

‘I’m getting tired of this.’

Cale was tired of their barbaric ways. Harol Kodiang suddenly approached him and peeked toward Choi Han, Lock, and Rosalyn, who were all standing behind Cale, before starting to speak to Cale.

“Young master-nim, you must have been shocked at the number of soldiers here. We were training nearby and brought everyone over after learning that you were heading our way.”

‘Training nearby? What a load of bullshit.’

Cale was certain that they brought the soldiers over to raise their morale from watching the Magic Tower go down. But Cale didn’t really care about that. He slowly started to speak.

“I guess that makes sense. It’s fine if more people come over. It’ll be quite a show.”

Of course, Cale was someone who worked hard, even for things he didn’t really care about.

It would be better if more people were around to see it.

Harol started to observe Cale after seeing how calm Cale was.

This was someone who knew his secret. However, a whole year had gone by without Cale blackmailing him nor even asking for anything. He then came back to complete his end of the deal from last year.

“By the way, how will you destroy the Magic Tower?”


“Excuse me?”

Cale started to smile after seeing Harol’s shocked expression. Cale was planning to use magic in front of people who hated magic?

“What? How else would you destroy it?”

Harol looked toward Cale’s hand that was now on his shoulder.

Pat, pat.

The hand that was patting his shoulder suddenly stopped moving as Cale started to speak again.

“Isn’t it quite entertaining to destroy the Magic Tower, the symbol of magic, using magic?”

Harol turned to look at Cale after hearing his jovial tone.

“Stay in your lane. Your part of the deal was that it was up to me what I did with the Magic Tower and how I destroy it.”

Cale’s tone implied that he would not allow them to step out of their lane again. Harol could see Cale and his group.

Choi Han had easily taken care of Toonka the last time that they were here. The rest of them seemed to be almost as strong as him. Those experts were staring at him and Cale.

Cale quietly whispered in Harol’s ear.

“You’re also not in a place to tell me what to do.”

Harol let out a sigh. The man who knew the secret of his birth came back after a year to shove it in his face while telling him to stay in his lane.

Harol’s gaze started to slowly turn colder. This was the Whipper Kingdom, his territory. However, Cale continued to speak at that moment.

“You have this Kingdom in your hands and live however you want. I’m the same way.”

Harol’s gaze, that was turning colder by the second, suddenly turned into confusion. ‘I’m the same way.’ That sentence echoed over and over in his ears. He looked up and made eye contact with Cale, who continued on in a pleasant tone.

“I’ll stay in my lane, so you stay in yours.”

Harol, whose physical appearance made him look like a good person, slowly started to smile before he finally ended up laughing.

“Ha, haha-.”

He laughed for a while until he noticed Toonka returning toward them and finally greeted Cale with a smile.

“You are still the same, young master Cale. That is why I am even happier to see you again.”

“Of course. I am still a lover of peace.”

Cale ignored Raon’s comment and made eye contact with the still excited Toonka. However, Toonka’s gaze was pointed at Choi Han, who was standing behind Cale.

“Want to fight again?”

“It’ll be fun to beat up a Commander-in-Chief.”

Choi Han’s gaze seemed to be full of annoyance as he brushed aside Toonka’s provocation. Toonka did not cower at Choi Han’s comment and instead seemed to get even more excited as he started to mumble.

“He smells like he’s gotten even stronger……”

Cale’s shoulders flinched.

‘Choi Han became even stronger?’

He slowly turned his head to look at Choi Han, who slightly bowed his head.

“I am always working hard to protect everyone.”

‘Why? You’re already super strong? Why do you need to do that?’

“Based on what Miss Witira said, I believe it was the right decision.”

Choi Han’s pure yet chilly smile was visible to Cale. He quickly turned his head away.

‘I have a bad feeling about this.’

He was worried that Choi Han wanted to participate in the Tiger tribe and Whale tribe’s attack to decimate the secret organization’s First Battle Brigade.

Cale knew that he just needed to turn around and ask Choi Han to find out the answer, however, he could not do so. He had an ominous feeling.

That was why he chose to change the topic of conversation. He casually started to speak to Toonka.

“Toonka, how about a celebration tonight?”

“A celebration?”

Cale feigned excitement and responded back to this idiot who did not seem to understand.

“Yes. A pre-celebration of the destruction of the Magic Tower. What do you think?”

“Haha! I like it! You really are not like those rotten nobles! You know a thing or two!”

‘Know a thing or two? I guess I know that you are on a train to hell.’

This fool was planning on charging into the Empire instead of attacking the Jungle first.

Cale observed Toonka, who was happily telling the Chiefs to plan a celebration. He then slowly looked toward his group and started to speak.

“Let’s rest a bit.”

They needed to rest now so that they could move around at night.


Night soon arrived.

Cale had a look of doubt on his face as he looked down.

Choi Han and Rosalyn were talking about the bombs they would use tomorrow on one side of the tent while Cale just continued to look down with his arms crossed.

“…This is very doubtful.”

“Not at all! We can do a good job!”

“She’s right! Noona, Raon, and I are the best!”

“I am great and mighty!”

On, Hong, and Raon all shouted in a row. However, this only made Cale frown even more. He didn’t know whether they could do it.

‘But it’s not like I can take out the people who are supposed to participate in the celebration.’

Choi Han, Lock, Beacrox, Rosalyn, Ron, Pendrick, and Cale were all scheduled to celebrate with Toonka.

The red kitten, Hong, confidently stepped forward and stood in front of Raon and On as he opened up his chest.

“The three of us can even destroy a castle!”

That was technically true, since Raon alone was enough to do that.

But Cale was worried that they would just cause a mess without doing things properly.

Cale kicked the large box next to him.


The box sounded like it was full.

The items that they had found last year in the underground research lab were inside this box.

‘A mana storage device that uses the principles of ancient powers.’

‘The reason for developing magic resistance.’

It included the research documents for those two topics.

Furthermore, there was a seed as well.

Of course, these were only half of the things Cale had gained from the lab.

To be specific, it was the half that was useless.

“You need to put this back there properly. Got it?”

Cale could see the 5-year-old Raon click his tongue and let out a sigh.

“Weak human, we are stronger than you. Stop nagging.”


Cale couldn’t believe it. However, On and Hong nodded in agreement as well. Raon flicked his front paw and the large box floated up into the air and turned invisible.

“We’ll be back. Human, you are weak, so don’t drink too much.”

Cale was full of disbelief and could not say anything. Hong approached him and patted Cale’s foot with his front paw.

“We’ll be back really fast! Can I play hide-and-seek with noona and youngest bro inside of the Magic Tower once we’re done?”


Hong and Raon snickered as they stealthily left the tent, while On patted Cale’s thigh so as to tell him that she will take care of it. She then slowly left the tent as well.

Cale brushed his face with both hands. He knew that they would get it done properly, so why was he feeling so iffy?

However, Cale ended up feeling a different kind of iffyness after seeing the next person who came into his tent.

“Excuse me, young master-nim.”


“Will we be heading to the lair after this?”

The Gold Dragon’s Lair, where an ancient Dragon lives.

Just thinking about it made it hard to breathe.

“… Of course.”

He had to go there. How could he not when Raon, the strongest member of their team, wanted to go?

“Then I will contact Gold Dragon-nim in advance. I’m sure he’ll be very happy.”


“Umm, young master-nim. Do you think that once we get there…”


The handsome Elf seemed embarrassed. Cale was starting to get impatient when Pendrick cautiously started to speak once again.

“Do you think that I will be able to meet the Dragon-nim protecting you as well once we get there?”

“Yes, you’ll be able to meet him.”

“I see! I’m sure that I am the only Elf who will get to meet two Dragon-nims at once!”

Cale nodded his head with an indifferent expression on his face. Lifeforms like this that were super energetic and pure really did not mesh well with him.

“I, I guess so.”

“Oh, and will we meet the person I am to heal on our way back?”

Cale’s expression became serious.

“Yes, we will meet them afterward.”

“Yes sir. I understand.”

He had asked Tasha to contact Mary when he met Tasha at the capital. Tasha looked toward Cale with a warm gaze when he had told her it was regarding getting rid of Mary’s pain, but Cale had pushed the memory aside, as he had found Tasha’s warm gaze to be annoying.

“Then I will not disturb you any longer, as it is already so late.”

Pendrick did not use transformation magic, instead, he just lowered his hood in order to cover his ears as he headed out of the tent.

Cale let out a sigh and looked toward the two people still in the tent. Choi Han noticed his gaze and started to smile awkwardly.

“How is it going?”

“You see…”

It was rare to see Choi Han answering like this. However, Cale did not give Choi Han even a moment to answer, as he sternly responded.

“You must make sure to do a good job.”

“…Yes, Cale-nim.”

Cale heard Choi Han’s weak response before pointing toward the entrance of the tent.

“I guess it is time we join in on the drinking.”

“Sure, young master Cale.”

“As you say, Cale-nim.”

Cale opened up the flap of the tent and headed out. He could hear laughter and singing throughout Toonka’s base, even though it was late at night.

Cale looked in the opposite direction for a moment.

The children, who now averaged eight years old, were probably working hard right now. Cale hoped that Toonka’s group would celebrate even more as he walked toward them.


The next morning after the celebration.

The day that the Magic Tower would disappear into history was finally here.

Cale looked up at the Magic Tower with his arms crossed. The Magic Tower was known for having 20 floors above ground and 3 floors underground. It no longer had the extravagance it used to have in the past. All that stood in front of him was a rusty building filled with the aura of death.

“Kehehe, I’m looking forward to this.”

Cale looked over to his side and made eye contact with Toonka. Toonka, who still looked a bit hungover, was smiling. Although someone might think that he was crazy, his gaze was still sharp.

“Our citizens, a large number of our brothers, were killed because of that Magic Tower. I’m a bit disappointed that you are destroying it with a magic bomb, but that’s entertaining as well.”

“You are right, Commander Toonka-nim. Our history will soon begin.”

Harol Kodiang added on from Toonka’s side.

There were many soldiers stomping the ground and banging the ends of their spears on the ground with anticipation.


Choi Han approached Cale at that moment.

“We are ready.”


Cale’s gaze headed back to the Magic Tower. A couple of black magic bombs were placed around the tower.

This was Raon’s Magic Bomb, Version 5-years-old.

“I will detonate it once you give the signal.”

Rosalyn gathered her mana and waited for Cale’s command. Rosalyn, who had been using magic to disguise herself since coming to the Whipper Kingdom, was calm.

Cale looked toward Toonka and started to speak.

“We’ll detonate it soon. Wouldn’t it be good to let the soldiers know?”

“Kehehe, you think so?”

Toonka walked over to his soldiers and opened up his arms. He looked like he had something to say again. Cale, who was not interested at all in what Toonka had to say, walked over to Rosalyn in order to give the order. However, Harol started to approach him.

Harol, the secret son of the Magic Tower’s liege. Harol looked toward Cale and gently started to speak.

“You must be disappointed, young master Cale.”

“About what?”

“You didn’t manage to get anything out of the Magic Tower, and even have to blow it up after doing nothing with it for a year.”

“I definitely am disappointed.”

‘Not really. I’m very excited.’

Cale had a bitter smile on his face as he casually responded back.

“I’ll just treat it as throwing some money away. You know that I am rich.”

“You definitely look like a noble when you say something like that.”

“You bet I am. Don’t forget it.”

Cale could feel the ground start to shake as he said that.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

“Oo, oo, oo!”

The soldiers started to stomp their feet once again as they started to chant. Cale turned to look at them and ended up making eye contact with Toonka. He then raised his hand after seeing Toonka’s excited expression.

“Do it.”

“I am starting the 5 second countdown!”

Mana started to fluctuate in Rosalyn’s palm.


The soldiers started to stomp even harder once she started the countdown.

“4, 3, 2!”

Rosalyn, Cale, Choi Han, Ron, and Beacrox all looked at each other.

The mana shot out of Rosalyn’s palm and rushed toward the magic bombs.

“1! Explode!”

Bang! Bang! Baaaaaang!

Multiple sounds of explosions echoed throughout the area. It was so loud that you couldn’t even heard the soldiers stomping their feet.

Raon was excited about this.


The Magic Tower started to crumble while causing a dust storm. The dust storm rushed toward the group, even though they were all standing outside the range of the explosion.

“Muhahahahahaha! It’s destroyed! It’s done!”

Cale could hear Toonka’s laughter and the cheers of the citizens who had been oppressed by magic.

Cale turned his gaze to his side again.

‘Crazy bastard.’

Harol was smiling to the point that it looked like his mouth might rip. This was the case, even though he was trying to hold himself back from smiling. Harol looked excited as he looked toward Cale.

“You are smiling as well, young master-nim.”

Cale was smiling as well.

“Yes. That was refreshing.”

It was refreshing watching the Magic Tower crumble.

Cale was smiling while watching this sight that the majority of the continent’s mages would cry and lament about. But how could he not?


The Magic Tower started to tilt to the side, starting from the second floor.


It finally tilted completely to the side and crumbled to the ground.

“Cough, cough.”

‘Damn it, so much dust.’

Cale covered his mouth with a handkerchief to shield against the dust.

Cale ignored Raon’s nonsense as he looked toward the Magic Tower that was covered in dust.

The destroyed Magic Tower slowly revealed itself.

Boom. Boom. Boom!

“Oo! Oo! Oo!”

The soldiers became even more excited. Cale felt the excitement behind him as he slowly approached the destroyed Magic Tower.

Choi Han and the others walked in first.

“Are you trying to take a look at the remains?”

Harol snickered as he approached Cale.

“Yes, I want to take a look.”

Cale smiled and moved to the side, as if he was inviting Harol to walk with him. The two men, who were excited for completely different reasons, slowly walked into the dust cloud.

Finally, they could see what remained of the Magic Tower.


Harol closed his mouth in order to hold back his laughter. The 20-story Magic Tower was gone, and they could only see only the remains on the ground.

“You must be very happy.”

Harol nodded his head without looking at Cale. He was so happy that it could not be explained with words. He had longed to see this for such a long time.

Magic would never enter the Whipper Kingdom ever again. This brought Harol immense amounts of joy.

At that moment, he could hear Cale’s calm voice.

“I’m happy as well.”

Harol felt odd hearing Cale’s comment. Cale didn’t seem like he was just playing along with him. He really sounded like he was happy. Harol slowly turned to see Cale smiling.

At that moment, they heard someone’s voice.


It was Choi Han.

Cale’s eyes started to get cloudy.

The show was about to start.

Choi Han pointed to the underground that was visible through the broken part of the first floor.

Yes, down there, in the now slightly visible secret fourth floor underground, was the box that Raon and crew had moved last night.

Cale was waiting to hear Choi Han’s script that would signal the start of the show. The words that Choi Han had been practicing for many days slowly started to come out.

“What. Is. This? This. Is. Odd. Should. I. Report. This. To. Cale-nim?”

‘Ah, what terrible acting.’

While Cale wanted to grab Choi Han by the collar, Beacrox pushed Choi Han back and looked down where Choi Han was looking at.

“There is something there.”

Like a good assassin, Beacrox’s acting was fabulous.

Beacrox looked toward Cale.

The majority of the documents were destroyed by the explosion, leaving behind only the slightest amount of research documents. Cale had set it up this was on purpose.

Beacrox started to speak.

“Young master-nim.”

It was now Cale’s turn.

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