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Chapter 66: Wasn’t Supposed to Be Like This (3)

However, contrary to their expectations, Cale headed into the study with a stoic expression. He pushed back his still slightly damp red hair as he sat down and faced the three guests.

He took a sip of the tea that deputy butler Hans had given him before he started to speak.

“Long time no see.”

Cale looked toward Choi Han, whose expression did not change at all, and the just as shy Lock, and greeted them before looking toward Rosalyn.

“Your Highness, Princess Rosalyn, it has been quite a long time.”

Rosalyn started to smile and answered in a refreshing manner.

“You cannot call me princess anymore. I have been banished from the royal family.”

“...Is that so?”

“Yes. I have been removed from the family records. I no longer have a family name.”

Cale just turned away from Rosalyn, who answered in such a happy manner. He then casually added on.

“I guess I can just continue to call you Miss Rosalyn then.”

Rosalyn’s red pupils focused on Cale. Although she was the one who chose to give up her claims to the throne instead of getting written off, people still had looks of pity toward her these days. Seeing Cale acting so normally around her made her able to respond with a relaxed heart.

“Yes. Just like before. You can keep treating me like that in the future too.”

She could see Cale nodding without even looking at her and thought that she really did the right thing by choosing to come back with Choi Han.

Cale did not see Rosalyn’s smile, as he had turned to look at Choi Han and Lock. Choi Han was sitting straight up, but seemed to be quite happy.

‘It feels like he became even more of a good guy.’

Choi Han’s pupils were so clear that he seemed like a very good person. In fact, he seemed to have taken another step toward becoming a hero of justice. Cale turned away from that good guy vibe that did not mesh well with him and instead looked toward Lock.

Lock was different from Choi Han. He seemed to have something to say, but was too shy to say it and thus could only sit there fidgeting his fingers.



There was no need for him to turn around. Choi Han was the only person who called him, ‘Cale-nim.’

“Should I report about what happened at Breck Kingdom?”

Rosalyn suddenly looked toward Choi Han in shock. However, Choi Han did not look at her and only looked toward Cale.

However, Cale, who was looking at Lock, shook his head.

“No need. I don’t think I need to know what you did for a friend.”

Rosalyn could see Choi Han smiling peacefully after hearing Cale’s words. He then started to speak.

“Yes, that is true, but please let me know if there is anything you are curious about. I will report it to you right away.”

“No need.”

Cale felt like he would just get a headache if he knew about it. He did not want to know how they were able to cause such a ruckus in the Breck Kingdom in such a short amount of time, as well as how Rosalyn gave up her claim to the throne.


He called out to Lock instead.

“Err, yes?”

Lock, who was now taller than Choi Han, was still a bit awkward. Cale knew why Lock was so fidgety right now.

Hans had said that Choi Han’s group had arrived an hour ago. While Choi Han and Rosalyn probably had a lot to do once they got here, it was obvious what Lock was thinking about in this foreign place.

Cale looked toward Lock’s confused face and started to speak.

“Your siblings are somewhere else right now.”

Lock’s expression changed.

“Where? Are they all there?”

Cale answered without any hesitation.

“Harris Village.”

Choi Han, who had been looking at Cale, stiffened after hearing those words. However, Cale did not even look his way before taking a break to take a sip of warm tea.

Someone else interjected as he did that. It was deputy butler Hans.

“We are currently reconstructing Harris Village. It used to be a small but beautiful village next to the mountain. Something bad happened not too long ago causing it to burn down.”

Mountain, small but beautiful village, and reconstruction due to a large fire. A single image filled Lock’s mind as he heard those words. It was an image of his hometown that was burned to the ground.

“We are also constructing a proper cemetery as well.”

Choi Han looked toward Hans as Hans peeked toward Cale and continued to speak.

“The young master was adamant about that part.”


The teacup made a noise as Cale put it back down on the table. He then started to frown and retort back.

“I was not adamant about it.”

“But wasn’t this the first thing you ever asked the Count-nim for in regards to something related to our Henituse territory? This was the first time I ever saw you interested in the administration of our territory, young master-nim.”

“It was nothing big.”

Cale waved toward Hans to say nothing else and Hans quickly shut up. However, he seemed to be fidgety like he still had a lot to say. Cale just ignored this and looked toward Lock, who seemed to be deep in thought.



“Go see your siblings and the land that they are living on right now.”

Cale then turned around. Lock was staring at him, but he knew Lock would understand since he was a sharp kid. He then called out to the still stiff Choi Han.

“Choi Han.”

Choi Han was quietly observing Cale as usual. A lot of things had happened in the Breck Kingdom. He had taken care of all of it quickly in order to return home. He could hear Cale’s voice echo in his ear.

“Go give your regards as well. Your younger brother Lock doesn’t know the way, so you can guide him there.”

Regards. He didn’t need to ask who that should be directed to. Choi Han lightly clenched his fists before opening them back up. He had to calm the overflowing emotions inside of him. Harris Village, that had burnt down to a crisp. That village would now be different.

Cale said one final thing to the three of them.

“You can go now. Miss Rosalyn, it is fine for you to leave now.”

Cale was tired after dealing with these three for the first time in a while. It felt like his honey-like break for the last three weeks had just disappeared into thin air. Lock and Rosalyn slowly followed Hans out of Cale’s study.

Choi Han waited until they all had left before finally getting up.


He then bowed.

“Thank you very much.”

Choi Han chuckled after raising his head back up because he could see Cale had a stoic expression that also seemed to show that he was annoyed.

“I don’t need such thanks. Just get out.”

Choi Han did as he was told and headed for the door. Cale, who had picked his teacup back up while observing Choi Han, could hear Choi Han stop with the doorknob in his hand and start to speak.

“I heard from Mr. Hans that you will be heading to the Whipper Kingdom?”


Cale just gave a curt response.

“We will be going right away once you get back from the village, so pack your bags.”

“Yes sir.”

Choi Han had a refreshing smile on his face. However, that smile quickly disappeared as he turned the doorknob.


Choi Han continued to speak as the door opened.

“His name was Bob?”

“How do you know about Bob?”

It had been a while since he heard of Toonka’s alias, Bob.

‘Did Hans tell him about Toonka?’

Cale looked toward Choi Han with curiosity, but he could only see Choi Han’s back as he stood at the door. Choi Han’s unique calm and sincere voice continued to flow.

“Mr. Beacrox told me that he almost made you get hurt.”

‘Why would Beacrox say something like that?’

Cale recalled the incident and responded back.

“Hurt? I didn’t get hurt. I just got poured on by water and boulder dust.”

“... I understand.”

Choi Han did not say anything else as he walked out of the study. Cale could see Hans crossing paths with Choi Han and coming back in. Hans stopped for a moment after making eye contact with Choi Han and blankly stood there.

“What is it?”

“Huh? Oh, uh, nothing. Nothing at all.”

Hans waved his hands frantically at Cale’s question and looked back toward the leaving Choi Han before coming into the study.

“... Young master-nim.”


Cale observed Hans’s completely pale expression.

“Did you have a fight with Choi Han-nim?”

“Me? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Of course you didn’t! Haha, it is nothing.”

Cale stared at the weirdly acting Hans, but still said what he needed to say. He still had to give the order.

“We will leave in about 10 days, so prepare everything.”

“Yes, I understand. I will work hard!”

Cale continued to blankly stare at the suddenly energetic Hans, but Hans quickly left the study. Cale, who was now left alone in the study, looked toward the calendar.

The last guardian of the Magic Tower, who cast away his position and ran away.

“...This will be my first time seeing a dwarf.”

In order to buy a fully intact Magic Tower, he needed to meet the dwarf whose family had protected the Magic Tower for generations. Cale started to smile.

That dwarf was not just any dwarf.

‘A mix-blood dwarf that is half Rat beast person.’

Muller. The tiny person that had the shabbiest and worst death in, ‘The Birth of a Hero.’ He was as short as a dwarf and looked weak without any muscles due to the unique nature of the Rat people. He really was a tiny person.

Cae headed out of the study and into the bedroom. He was thinking about how to catch that runaway Rat while he was heading toward the Black Dragon, On, and Hong, who were probably playing in the bedroom right now.

10 days. This will pass by very quickly.


And just as Cale expected, a week quickly went by. He was sitting in his couch like he had been a week ago, leaning deep into the back of the couch.


Cale did not hide his sigh as he sat there with a frown.

Choi Han and Lock, who had left exactly a week ago, leaving Rosalyn here, were back.

However, they did not come back alone.

“Young master-nim.”

Vice Captain Hilsman came back with them. But his appearance was weird. The Vice Captain, who usually dressed in a way that fit his position, was wearing shabby leather armor and had lots of injuries on his face.

‘I told him to focus on the restoration of Harris Village.’

It felt like the Vice Captain had done some things in addition to what Cale had ordered.

“I have returned, young master.”

He didn’t know the reason, but Cale still avoided Hilsman, who was speaking with admiration. However, he was not the only one who came back with Choi Han and Lock.

“Young master-nim! We wanted to see you!”

“Young master Cale-nim! We’re here too!”

“Hello young master Cale! Have you been well?”

Cale could hear ten children speaking at once. Maes, as well as the other Wolf children, were innocently looking at Cale and smiling.

However, the atmosphere around them felt very different. The children had bandages wrapped around multiple spots on their bodies. Something outside of Cale’s expectations seemed to have happened in Harris Village.

“We came with Lock hyung because you never mentioned when we should come back.”

Maes answered for all of them. Cale held back his sigh.

‘Not telling you when to come was my way of saying don’t come back.’

Cale could not tell the children who were already here to head back, so he just nodded his head and turned around to look at Choi Han and Lock. He gave an order to the two of them.

“Pack your bags. We will leave in two days.”

However, a response came from somewhere else.

“Yes sir!”

A total of 11 people. The Vice Captain and the Wolf children all energetically responded. It was like Cale was looking at a knights brigade that had been training for a long time. Choi Han and Lock looked toward them with satisfaction. This was especially true for Choi Han, who was looking at them like he was looking at his students.

Cale’s expression became odd.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

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