Ranclette's Personal Archive

A novel archive of a girl who dislikes reading


The content of this website is just my personal archive of the novel I like. Literally nothing more than that, it's purely for my personal enjoyment.

I'm not against anyone visiting, but please do not spread the link around. I don't wish for this website to attract unnecessary attention because, as I've said before, this is my personal archive of things I like. I want to keep it personal and enjoyable for myself.
Thank you!

And if you're here because you thought Ranclette is a typo for racclete, it is not.


Table of Content

Miscellaneous Note

This website is designed for my convenience in reading on phone. So if you're using your full web screen, it will look pretty awkward.

If you by any chance enjoyed the content of this website and would like to read more in a better view, what I could suggest is to either use your phone or just use half of your screen to reduce the awkwardness of the wide empty spot.